Moving Soon? – Don’t Make These 5 Packing Mistakes

What comes before a big move? Packing, of course. You need to prepare your belongings so that they’re as easy as possible to transport from point A to point B.

Unless you count yourself part of the experts that make up Metropolitan Movers, an award-winning moving company, you might find packing one of the harder tasks involved with your move. Unlike moving professionals, it’s easy to make these common packing mistakes.

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Mistake 1 – Procrastinating

Packing isn’t glamourous. It’s a tedious, thankless job, so it makes sense you don’t want to jump into it right away. But waiting too long to roll up your sleeves isn’t something you want to do either.

If you wait ‘til the night before you start packing, you’ll have to rush through it to get everything prepared for the move. That’s how things break. You don’t have enough time to pack fragile items properly before you’re tossing them into the box and moving onto the next item.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself plenty of time to pack. The earlier you start, the less stress you’ll feel once the big day comes. Of course, there may come a day when you need to move abruptly and have no forewarning to pack. A professional moving company can help you pack safely in no time, as many companies offer packing and express moving services.

Mistake 2 – Overpacking Boxes

Think of your back (or the back of your professional movers) when you start packing. While it may seem easier to fill your boxes to the brim to cut down on the number of boxes (and therefore trips you’ll make), someone will have to lift them.

With this in mind, test the weight of your boxes and bags. Limiting how heavy they get will prevent back injuries and other accidents.

Mistake 3 – Failing To Label Boxes

Without labels, you won’t know where anything should go in your new home. You’ll have to check every box that comes off the truck before your movers can deposit it in the right room. Confusion over where items go can bump up the total time it takes to move. If your moving company charge by the hour, this means you’ll be paying more for this simple mistake.

Label your boxes with the room where it belongs to save money. While you’re at it, write out any handling instructions and a short list of items contained within.

Mistake 4 – Mixing Items

There comes a time in every move when you’re almost done — there’s only a handful of items remain in each room. At this point, it may be tempting to toss all these things into a few boxes and be done with it.

These miscellaneous boxes may simplify your packing, but it complicates your unpacking later on.

Group like items with like to make unpacking easier. You can unload these items in one room rather than having to run all over the house.

Mistake 5 – Not Packing An Overnight Bag

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is go on a hunt through boxes to find where you put your toothbrush or pyjamas. The same goes for other personal care items, like medication and toiletries. You’ll want to pack these items in an overnight bag that stays with you when you move.

Bottom Line

Nobody is perfect, so mistakes happen. But with a little bit of foresight and planning, you can avoid making the worst of them. Remember this list as you prepare for your moving day and good luck.

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