A Couple Of Myths And Facts About Juul That You Should Know

As electronic cigarettes are taking over the world by storm, one particular brand has found a large following among younger crowds in recent times. And as can be expected, this has caused a huge controversy for the company, with various features in the media painting them in a less than favorable light. What’s the deal with Juul though, and is it really that bad? As it turns out, a little investigation into how the product works don’t actually reveal anything potentially worrying, and it looks like a safe and reliable alternative to regular cigarettes, as well as other e-cig models.

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Myth – Juul Is Designed To Get Kids Addicted To Cigarettes

One of the most commonly repeated “facts” about Juul is that the company is allegedly targeting teenagers on purpose through their marketing, trying to get them hooked on their product from an early age. The reality is that, while Juul is offered in a variety of flavors that may seem attractive and Juul party mode to the average teen, this is no different from a number of other companies in the same market out there, some of which even have a much greater number of flavors up on offer.

Myth – Juul Is More Harmful Than Cigarettes In The Long Run

Another point that gets brought up frequently is that Juul may actually be more harmful than regular cigarettes. There’s no proof for that, and in fact, there isn’t even a good logical reason to believe it in the first place. The way Juul works is no different from a number of other e-cigarette models out there at its root, and it’s a pretty reliable and safe alternative to regular smoking. Some tests have even shown a potential for the product to be less harmful than other Juul as well.

Fact – Juul Is Popular, But It’s Not Even The Top Brand

Another reason for the negativity that some have towards Juul is that the product is allegedly the most popular brand on the market, and they’re exploiting their position to target different audiences. However, a little bit of research is enough to quickly reveal that this is not the case at all, with various other brands enjoying a much more prominent exposure on the market. Some other companies are actually quite aggressive in their marketing and their attempts to get people to try their products.

Fact – The Company Behind Juul Is Responsible About Selling To Teenagers

Going to the official website of the manufacturer, it’s instantly clear that they actually care a lot about controlling their presence on the market and they are not fond of selling to random people without appropriate age verification. It’s borderline impossible to cheat their system and place an order if you’re not of a suitable age, and that’s just the way things should be in the first place. Any claims that Juul is making it easier for teenagers to get their hands on their product are quite mistaken. Of course, there’s little that can be done to prevent cases of someone making that purchase for the teenager.

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