The Nine Best Gifts For Outdoor Enthusiasts

We all have that one friend who loves to escape into the wild. Whether it’s hiking through the mountains or camping alone in the middle of the woods, this person considers themselves a survivalist.

The benefit of having one of these people on your list is that they’re easy to buy for. Here are the nine best gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Pocket Flashlight

To make it as an outdoors enthusiast, you have to be able to travel light. Having a high-powered pocket flashlight comes in handy in the middle of the woods when camping away from civilization.

When choosing the best pocket flashlight, look for something that sheds a lot of light but has long battery life. You’ll also want a device that can easily be affixed to a bag or waistband that can withstand the elements.

Drop-In Coffee Brewer

Even hikers and campers need their morning cup of Joe to get moving. Rather than fussing with a heavy pot or fragile press in the middle of the woods, buy them a drop-in brewer.

This simple device works similarly to a tea diffuser. You place it in the cup, scoop in coffee, pour in hot water, and let it sit for a minute to steep. This contraption takes up minimal space and can help brew a cafe-worthy coffee in the wild.

Medical Kit

This the gift you hope your friend never has to use. Put together a hospital in a bag, with plenty of medical supplies. This is a gift you can give again and again, replenishing supplies as they get used.

Some things you’ll want in the kit include:

  • assorted bandages
  • medical tape
  • scissors
  • small packets of medication
  • disinfectant spray
  • antibacterial ointment
  • a sling
  • a tourniquet
  • tweezers

Consider throwing in a guidebook that covers basic field dressings and treatments for the newcomer to this hobby.


A multi-tool is the new age version of the Swiss Army knife. There are a variety of multi-tools on the market in different sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Look for a multi-tool with good reviews, and choose one that’s been flagged for use outdoors. These tools can help start fires, repair gear, and are useful for fishing and hunting.

Portable Water Filter

The LifeStraw has long been on the list of must-have tools for outdoor enthusiasts. These devices allow the user to drink water from streams and rivers without risk of bacteria or parasitic infection. As being without healthy water can kill you in a matter of days, this type of device is invaluable.

Smell-Free Trail Socks

Braving the elements can be a messy business. Your trail-loving friend will love smell-free socks that they can wear for days without the risk of wet feet or stench.

These socks are manufactured with moisture-wicking material that keeps feet at a comfortable temperature whether it’s hot and humid or cold and dry.

Portable Solar Panel

A portable solar panel is a practical gift in the modern age. You can find panels that are just for charging mobile phones, as well as larger panels that can power basic electronics. Portable solar panels are built to fold up and be stored in a pack so that they don’t take up too much space or add weight.

A GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is perfect for those who love to record their adventures and share their discoveries. These trendy devices are also great for catching high-quality still images so that your friend can post an image of them looking over a dramatic cliff on Instagram once they get back on wifi.

Mummy Sleeping Bag

A mummy sleeping bag is tapered at the feet for a cocoon-like sleeping experience that traps warmth. You can get these sleeping bags rated for Antarctica, perfect for your friend who likes to spend their winters ice climbing in the woods.

Helping support your friend’s love of adventure is one of the best gifts you can give. Any of the items on this list will be cherished and put to good use.

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