Your Personality Type Based On Alarm Clock Interaction [Infographic]

There have been so many personality tests over the years, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is based on interaction with an alarm clock. Alarm clocks are one of the necessary evils in life. If you can somehow structure your daily routine so you don’t have to be woken up by an alarm, you have succeeded in life on a certain level, or at least that’s my opinion. Apparently the way you interact with your alarm clock hints towards your personality type, or at least your alarm clock personality type.

This infographic called What O’Clock Are You? (by explains each one of these personality types so you can determine which one describes you. According to this, 24% of people wake up before their alarm ever goes off in the morning. If that describes you then you are definitely the ‘over-achiever.’

This also mentions that women need a little more sleep than men, and because of that, they tend to hit the snooze button more often. Since I use my iPhone as my alarm, there is no snooze button (which is a good thing for me).

Even though sleep experts recommend we get up at the same time every day, seven days a week, 81% of people do not set their alarm clock on the weekend. The average time we set our alarms for is 7:04am, but as you’ll see, many people flub up and forget to set the alarm or set it for the wrong time (the am/pm can be confusing, I know).

So take a look at all these alarm clock personalities to determine which personality type you are. I never knew so much could be determined about a person just from how they interact with their alarm clock. Of course, it’s just all in good fun!

Your Personality Type Based On Alarm Clock Interaction

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Via: [Design Taxi]