Life In 2030: A Prediction Of The Future Only 17 Years Away [Video]

There have been countless concept designs and illustrations that have given us a preview into what our future lives may hold. It seems everyone has a prediction of the future, but which ones are correct and which ones are far-fetched? That is the challenge to discover, which is one reason why imagining our future is so much fun. The thing is, our present change a little bit each day, so when our future finally arrives, it doesn’t seem as profound as we thought.

For example, I’m sure fifteen years ago people couldn’t imagine what it would be like to walk around with a smartphone in their pockets which would keep them connected and plugged into the virtual world 24/7. However, today it seems natural, as if it’s been that way all along. I’m sure most of the other things in our future will be a smooth transition like that too. They may seem crazy now, but when they actually come into existence, they will cause us to pause for a moment and then we’ll move on to the big next thing.

The Global Trends Report that was released several months ago painted a very different prediction of the future than what we know now. According to the National Intelligence Council‘s website, “The National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends Report engages expertise from outside government on factors such as globalization, demography and the environment, producing a forward-looking document to aid policymakers in their long term planning on key issues of worldwide importance.” If you click over to the website, you can download a copy of this report.

Discovery News took the information in that report, which was a massive prediction of the future, and summed it up in this video below. This is what our lives might be like in only 17 years. Keep in mind, when it comes to making predictions like this, human beings typically come up with exaggerated ideas, but even still, this is incredible. Enjoy!

A Prediction Of The Future We Could Be Living In Only 17 Years


Via: [Discovery News] Header Image Credit: [PRX]