How To Prevent Dry Eyes And Eye Strain

Eye burning, dry eyes, and eye strain are common problems faced by people following a modern lifestyle.

Most of the people who suffer from dry eyes problem make intense eye use like watching TV, working on Computer for long hours and continuous reading. The problem gets worse when you do all these activities in improper lighting because too dark or too bright environment can affect your peepers.

Unless and until you have severe eye discomfort, double Vision and headache, dry eyes or eye strain is a common condition but rarely severe. You can take simple preventive measures or follow the below tips to ease this problem.

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Lifestyle Changes

Pick the perfect eyewear for you. If you use glasses or contacts and work on a computer, think about putting resources into glasses or contact lens meant explicitly for PC work. Get some information about lens coatings and tints that may help as well. You can also check out Solotica contacts for better options. Explore the full range of contact lens offered by Solotica including colored contacts, Anesthesia lenses and much more.

When you are reading or doing some intricate work, adjust the light source in such a way that it directs the light to your desk. In case you’re reading a printed article at a work area, utilize a shaded light that is positioned before you. The shade will shield light from sparkling straightforwardly at you.

Reduce TV watching time. This is particularly vital for kids, who may not make the association between eyestrain, extended viewing and need to rest their eyes frequently.

Preventive Activities For Computer Use

If you are a person who stares at the computer for a longer time or play games on the smartphone, then you are likely to experience dry eyes problem. In medical terms, it is called digital eye strain or Computer vision syndrome. Follow the below tips to reduce the issue.

  1. Place your device little below eye level and at a distance of 20-26 inches from your eyes.
  2. Regularly wipe off residue and fingerprints from the surface, because smudges can decrease contrast and make issues like reflections and glare
  3. Try to implement 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes take your eyes off from the screen and look some things that are 20 feet away for 20 seconds
  4. Choose digital screens that can swivel and tilt.
  5. Use a customizable seat and change the lighting to avoid reflections and glare
  6. If you have to read any print material while you are at workplace put it on a record holder beside your PC. A few holders are intended to be put between the monitor and keyboard whereas others are intended to be set to the side.

Other Suggestions

Another option to cure dry eyes is utilizing eye drops.  Artificial tear drops can help to prevent or reduce dry eyes problem. You can use them even when your eyes are completely fine, and they assure that your eyes are well lubricated to avoid the recurrence of the issue.

Your specialist can recommend the suitable eyedrops that will work best for you. Artificial drops that don’t contain any additives can be utilized as regularly as you require. On the off chance if the drops you’re using contain additives, use them few times (not more than 3 – 4 times) each day. Keep away from eyedrops having a redness remover, as these may exacerbate dry eye side effects.

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