Bon Apetoilet! Public Bathroom & Toilets Converted Into Gourmet Cafe

Whet your appetite people and take a seat at the most original new eatery in London called The Attendant. If the name doesn’t give you a brief insight into this delicious dining experience, maybe some of the décor will. It is a 19th century public bathroom, yes with toilets, that has been converted into a fashionable new snack bar. Even with promises from the founder, entrepreneur Peter Tomlinson, that ‘the place smells lovely now,’ you cannot escape the décor and the constant reminders of its past.

The tables are the urinals. As a certified germ-a-phoebe, that thought would normally have me heading for the toilet, but low and behold I’m already in one! Rising property costs have had entrepreneurs searching London for new and inventive places to open businesses, but surely there has to be a better place to open a food establishment than in a 19th century public bathroom?

Maybe a pet shop, pest control poison factory, or even an old abandoned zoo would be higher on the list of appropriate dining establishments. I know, the bathroom is sacred, and more people use their mobile phones in the stalls than probably admit to it. However, surely tucking into a gourmet sandwich, even if it is prepared by a Michelin-starred restaurant Pollen Street Social, is a step too far. Trust me, I am a man who will do everything in my power to avoid heading down into the depths that is a public bathroom, so this already has me feeling a touch fragile.

But respect is due when it comes to commitment since this place has had a whopping £100,000 ($150,000) thrown into the conversion from an old public bathroom. With Jet wash promises and the drains capped, this place is open for business, that’s the food business though. Let’s hope for entrepreneur Peter Tomlinson we don’t hear the toilet flush on this venture since he surely deserves kudos for ingenuity in thinking. This is one place that will not be on my list of eateries that I plan to enjoy now I am back living in England. In fact, I am not sure I will even be able to eat for the rest of the day after writing this post.

Public Bathroom (Toilets & Urinals) Converted Into A Gourmet Cafe






Via: [Oddity Central]