Redecorating Your Bedroom? – Interior Design Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Among the most important rooms of the house, the bedroom is definitely in the conversation. You spend nearly 1/3rd of your life sleeping so you want the room where you lay your head down to rest to feel comfortable and feel like it is your comfort zone. Redecorating and interior design is the name of the game for changing up this important room of your home.

Redesigning a bedroom does not need to be a major job, nor does it have to be a small change either, it ultimately comes down to how much you want to change. Check out these tips for how to redecorate your bedroom.

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Wallpaper And Paint Jobs

The look of the walls is something you need to take into account when changing up the room. Like any part of the house, bad wallpaper design or a paint job can really be a turn-off. Looking for the right painting company comes down to a lot of factors.

The professional services at GSD Painting and Decorating are not limited to painting only, which is something you need to think about. Specialty finishes might be something you want as well as a robust resume of quality work to make sure you are going to be getting solid work done to improve the look of the room. The colors or designs you choose can enhance the room greatly.

Furniture Placement

The feng shui of a room is the belief that the layout or surroundings can impact a person’s psychological or emotional connection with their environment. This applies to the home in ways similar because an unorganized or poor layout can negatively impact the feeling of a room. Try moving the bed frame, dressers, drawers, or tables around and you will begin to notice how much of a difference it makes. More open space feels less claustrophobic and can actually improve your sleep at night or general mood in this room.

Design Themes And Styles

As mentioned previously, openness is a type of room layout you might like and this falls under a general design theme. Design themes range from minimalism, traditional, modernism, bohemian, mid-century modern, etc. There are so many different interior design styles/themes to pick from that you can heighten the importance of the bedroom beyond a generic or boring style. Each style focuses on specific plans.

Minimalism obviously means a move towards a reduction in furniture, furniture size, or material goods that are present in favor of sleek and compact looks. Traditional is more maximalism, with an emphasis on a lot of rustic, rich colors that are not afraid of being more elaborate than sleek. In any case, there is a style that suits your lifestyle goals and can drastically improve the room.


Renovations are the more serious work side of interior design changes but sometimes they must be done. If your bedroom has an apparent issue like an electrical problem, leaking, or there are uneven or incomplete sections like baseboards, then you need to renovate. Not only does this improve the looks but also the functionality of the room too. Renovations to your bedroom are going to help you sleep better at night because of the fact that you will no longer have this looming chore on your checklist.

They also open up the opportunity for more interior design changes if the room is now safe to work on.

Statement Pieces

Any good room has a statement piece. If you do not know what this is, then you probably do not have one but that it is okay. A statement piece is just an eye-catching wall or furniture piece or anything that stands out, within reason of course. Sometimes this can be a wall design, which would bring us back to a new paint job, or it could be a magnificent bed frame, dresser, or closet.

These statement pieces can really improve the room in a simple way because it draws the eye towards it and can increase the appeal simply by keeping eyes off of anything that is not as good looking. Preferably though you want to accentuate the statement piece by surrounding it with nice furniture as well.

Redesigning your bedroom is not a huge task. There are a lot of ways to subtly change the look and feel of this important space in your home, and there are equally big changes you can make. The point is that this room is so important in your home and life that interior design for it is at a premium and these tips can help you make your dream room come to life.

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