Science Behind Your Thoughts Affects Your Business & Success

A few months ago, Richard wrote an article called The Mental Effects Of Facebook Addiction. In that article, he pointed to a source that suggested people who are addicted to the Internet have a 10-20% smaller brain in the areas responsible for speech, memory, motor control, emotion and other information. I was shocked to read that because I had always thought the brain’s size was unchangeable. It turns out, I was wrong, and the science behind it suggests otherwise.

I really like the AsapScience YouTube channel, and I’m on there all the time. It just so happens they recently published a video about the science behind our thoughts, which affects our brain, which affects our actions, which affects our business, our relationships and our success in life.

If you remember a few years back, the concept of the “law of attraction” was very popular, and although a lot of people took it a bit too far in my opinion since I don’t believe you can just sit on the couch and will yourself to success, some of the science behind that is actually true.

The thing is, imagination and action are intertwined in our brains and activate the same neural pathways. In other words, our brains don’t know if we are imagining something or if we are really doing it. Runners who imagine themselves winning the race are more likely to win. People who imagine themselves having trouble at school probably do. And, people who imagine themselves becoming very successful will have an edge over those who don’t. The power behind our thoughts affects everything in life since we are constantly thinking. About 80% of our thoughts, or a little more, are negative. It might be time for us all to change that since our future will be affected by what we are thinking right now.

Science Behind Our Thoughts Affects Our Business & Success


Image Credit: [Spread Love, Change The World]