How To Secretly Plan A Divorce

It is no secret that the divorce rate is increasing every year. Relations fall apart for various reasons, ranging from the banal “we are too different” and ending with the fact that one spouse feels the physical threat to his or her life in marriage. However, no matter what causes the dissolution of the marriage, planning a divorce is a very important step. And it becomes even more important and responsible when a divorce needs to be planned secretly.

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Main Ideas On Planning A Divorce Secretly

Why do spouses want to plan a divorce secretly? A lot of circumstances affect this. For example, a woman is afraid of physical violence from her husband, if he finds out that she wants to run away or a husband does not want to hurt his wife’s feelings prematurely, or maybe he just doubts whether he needs all this. In any case, before planning, it’s needed to again think over everything carefully and weigh the pros and cons.

The basis of secret divorce planning should be confidentiality. Of course, it is necessary to study under what conditions a marriage can be dissolved, what legal circumstances exist for this. In the age of information technology, almost all the information we receive from the Internet.

All needed information regarding divorces can also be found online. Therefore, it is important to clear the history of your search queries in the browser so that the spouse cannot view it. In this way, you can protect yourself and avoid difficult conversations. You should clean up browsing history each time after you have finished studying the information and law regarding the marriage termination.

If you and your spouse are using the same computer, create your own account in it and lock it with a password. This will be a good additional security measure, which will also allow you to save all important information regarding the divorce under your user.

Do not forget to keep confidentiality in your phone or tablet. They should also be put on the password. If you talk with a lawyer over the phone, do not forget to delete the call history so that your spouse does not have any suspicions.

If you are considering a divorce, but do not want your spouse to know about it, do not pretend that everything is fine. Do not play in an ideal relationship. If you constantly quarrel with your spouse, and suddenly decided to behave carefully and tenderly, this will play against you. A dramatic change in behavior looks very suspicious. Act as you usually do.

One more thing that can turn you over to a spouse is the movement of funds through a bank card. If you pay for the services of a lawyer or any other specialist who advises you on a divorce, do not make payments with a card, pay in cash, it is impossible to track cash flow. In addition, do not keep checks and receipts for payment at home or in the car. The best place to hide them is where they will not be found by a spouse, for example, in your office or in a safe.

If you want to get a divorce based on the fault ground, then you should take care in advance to collect all the evidence necessary for the court to prove the guilt of your spouse. However, he or she should not be aware of this. Work as efficiently as possible and plan your actions several steps ahead.

Tips For Wife Secretly Planning For A Divorce

So arranged by nature that women are more emotional than men and react more violently to various changes in life. But if a woman plans to divorce secretly, then dangerous circumstances have pushed her to this, and she should worry not only about her safety but also about the safety of her children (if she has them).

Such a burden of responsibility may affect the behavior of a woman. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your behavior and do everything as usual, even if it is unpleasant to be near husband.

A woman needs to take care of her financial independence in advance, especially if she has minor children. It makes sense to gradually withdraw savings from the bank account and put them in a secluded place. But each time a small amount of money should be withdrawn, so as not to cause suspicion.

Do not devote children into the plans, otherwise, they can tell the father everything. And in principle, plan a divorce secretly, it is better not to tell anyone about your intentions, especially to your friends, except only a person whom you 100% trust, probably he or she can help you with the planning.

Tips For Husband Secretly Planning For A Divorce

If you are thinking about a divorce, then most likely your relationship is broken. As a result of this, you want to spend less and less time with your wife, maybe even you began to delay at work or travel for work more often. This behavior may alert your wife, she might even think that you are cheating on her.

And this clearly does not play into your hands. If you are secretly thinking about a divorce and have even started to plan it, do not let your wife have any reason to begin to doubt. Do not try to physically move away from her, women have well-developed intuition and the wife can understand everything even without words.

The key to successful planning is a clear analysis of the next steps. But when you spend a lot of time with your family it’s difficult to think soberly, moreover, you can feel guilt. Therefore, it makes sense to go somewhere yourself, to sort everything out. This is exactly the right occasion when you can move away from your family for a few days under the guise of a business trip in order to think and plan everything carefully.

However, do not overuse this, try to analyze and resolve all issues in one trip. Moreover, the change of the atmosphere will help to deal with your own feelings and desires, which were suppressed for a long time.

The desire to plan a divorce is absolutely natural, there is nothing wrong with it. Many spouses have been planning a marriage dissolution for a long time before informing their partner. And the most important thing to do in this process is to be careful and attentive. However, do not forget about your children, they should not feel slighted or abandoned, no matter what step you are on: whether it is secret planning or the process of termination itself.

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