Spotlight On Pinot Noir – The Delicate Red

Pinot Noir is one of the highest quality red wines available, and much of that has to do with its finesse and balance – making it easy to drink while retaining its elegance. Because the Pinot Noir grape is challenging to grow, requiring warm days and cool nights, the wine isn’t found in the same abundance as say Cabernet Merlot or Sauvignon and is usually grown exclusively in regions such as its native Burgundy in France, the Niagara region of Canada or Northern California. Unlike its full-bodied cousins, Pinot Noir is prized for its subtlety making it ideal for pairing with most food and especially soft cheeses. It’s also one of the best red wine choices for a warm day.

Sourcing an affordable bottle of this wine can be done by visiting online retailers and seeing what they have in stock. Wine Online, for example, offers premium selections such as the Pinot Noir Languedoc by Domaine Magellan, vintage 2016. The vineyards of this region just outside of Limoux France have proven ideal for the planting and cultivation of the Pinot Noir grape. This bottle is a characteristic light ruby color with a complex nose of cherries and candy. On the palate, it provides a medium-bodied array of sour cherries, black licorice and cake spice. This selection has soft tannins but good acidity; pair it with bread, cured meat, and roasted vegetables.

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Valuable Facts – Pinot Noir

For a bit more tartness to your selection, choose something from Canada’s Niagara region like the Pinot Noir VQA by Henry of Pelham, vintage 2016. This bottle provides juicy, racy, and mouth-watering acidity for pairing with food, while on the nose connoisseurs will detect tart cherry, cranberry, and fresh earth. There are also tobacco, raspberry, and oak notes to admire, a lovely quality to Pinot Noir from this region, and the complexity of this selection will impress even those used to deeper, bolder reds.

Finally, the Estate Pinot Noir Monterey by Craftwork Wines is an elegant 2015 vintage from California’s central coast that’s unashamedly on the fruitier side, with aromas of strawberries and vivid red fruit flavors balanced by gentle spice and slightly mineral quality. This wine is described as graceful, boasting a silky texture and lengthy, layered finish. Furthermore, it’s been awarded an outstanding 95 points from the California State Fair and an unbelievable 98 points from the Los Angeles International Wine Awards making it a truly exquisite buy.

Pinot Noir is not a wine that bursts into the room, rather it is nuanced, delicate, complex, and refined. It’s a wine that the most experienced wine drinkers will revere, and it’ll surprise those used to making bolder choices by virtue of its quality and how much it can offer despite being on the lighter side of red. Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party and want a wine that’ll complement virtually any dish or looking for something gentle to sip on while spending time out on the patio as the months get warmer, a Pinot Noir will compliment every occasion.

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