Step-By-Step Guide For Bathing A Goldendoodle Dog

If you are a Goldendoodle owner, you probably know already how much fun Goldendoodles bring into the house. But to keep this fun going, your fluffy friend demands utmost care, and that starts with bathing and grooming.

Have you thought about the process of bathing your Goldendoodles yet? Bathing and grooming is essential, especially when considering one of its most representative characteristics: its beautiful coat.

We all know that they are very popular dogs that derive from the mix between golden retrievers and poodles. Therefore, we can say that our mini Goldendoodle’s coat is a delicate and precious combination of both parent breeds.

In this sense, their fur can range from soft waves to full curls that extend throughout their entire body. In either case, it is essential to follow a bathing and brushing routine to keep it soft, well-groomed, and also to protect our goldendoodle from developing any health issues.

Do you know how to do it? Don’t worry! In this article, we bring the ultimate step-by-step guide for bathing to Goldendoodle dog. Keep reading and discover valuable information and tips.

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How To Bath My Mini Goldendoodle – A Step-By-Step Guide

We know that you won’t be able to take your doodles to the groomer every time they need a bath, but this is not a problem! You can bathe your pet on your own. In fact, goldendoodles are quite easier to bathe than most dog breeds, which is one of the reasons to choose small dog breeds over big ones.

Here are some helpful steps you can take when bath time comes.

Brushing And Clipping

The first step in bathing a Goldendoodle is to brush its coat carefully. To do so, you should gently pull the comb through all of your dog’s fur, paying particular attention to the tangled areas.

It is also essential to have a set of sharp and well-maintained scissors on hand to remove knots or mats, as some areas that are difficult to access by a brush can be more prone to tangling or accumulating debris.

If you are cutting all your dog’s hair, we recommend using clippers. They are specifically designed for dog grooming and are better equipped to accomplish this task, so they are a better option than human clippers!

We do not recommend using scissors to clip your mini Goldendoodle to avoid injuries from sudden movements.

Use The Shampoo

After getting rid of the knots, the next step is to take your dog to a bathtub for shampooing. As explained above, it is essential to choose a quality shampoo suitable for dogs to avoid drying out the skin of your Goldendoodle.

If you can’t find a dog shampoo, consider using a mild human shampoo. Good choices are fragrance-free conditioning shampoos and tear-free baby shampoos. Once you have the right shampoo, you can get started! And the best way to do it is by following these suggestions for each part of your Goldendoodle:

  • Face: You should avoid getting the shampoo directly into your dog’s eyes. If you want to wash your doggy’s face, we recommend using an extra soft toothbrush dipped in sudsy water. Gently rub your pet’s face and rinse carefully. You can also use wet wipes.
  • Body: On the body, you can use the shampoo directly on the coat. Put some of the product on the rest of your dog’s body and massage gently until the soap starts to foam.

Rinse Time

After using the shampoo and exfoliating your mini Goldendoodle’s skin and coat, you have to rinse the shampoo thoroughly. And of course, you have to make sure to remove all the soap. Again, you must be very careful not to get soap in your pet’s eyes.

To do so, we recommend using a shower hose extender and rinsing the dog from top to bottom and front to back. Repeat several times until all the soap is removed. If traces of the shampoo remain, your dog’s skin could get irritated.


Once you rinse and remove all the shampoo, clean your dog’s body with a dry towel. Let your dog shake itself to dry even if it makes a bit of a mess! Then use a hairdryer on its lowest setting, so you don’t scare or hurt your pet.

Make sure to clean your doggy’s ears to remove moisture buildup in its ear canals, thus preventing ear infections. We do not recommend grooming Goldendoodles’ coat after bathing as wet hair tends to look shorter than it actually is. Wait until your dog is completely dry to do it!

Why Worry About Bathing My Goldendoodle?

As mentioned, one of the most extraordinary characteristics of Goldendoodles is their coat. For that reason, if you want your dog’s hair to look beautiful or keep it short, you should bathe and brush your pet’s coat frequently.

However, you should be careful about bathing your Goldendoodle too much, as their skin can become dry. Like humans, your dog’s body produces essential oils to maintain its skin’s overall health and hydration.

Make sure to bathe your Goldendoodle only when necessary, or use high-quality shampoo and conditioner if you commit to bathing weekly.

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

One of the frequently asked questions about bathing Goldendoodles is how often this task should be performed. And we have to say that there is no specific answer. In fact, there are many possible answers to this question, and most of them depend on your dog’s physical characteristics. Those are:

  • Hair length: The longer your dog’s hair, the more dirt, debris, and dander it can trap. Therefore, you should bathe your Goldendoodle more often if it has long, thick hair.
  • Activity level: Doodles that go crazy when they go out to the park also require more frequent baths. That means that if your dog likes to dig holes and roll in dirt or puddles, regular baths will be necessary. But, of course, you can train your Goldendoodle puppy not to get too dirty even when outdoors.
  • Skin conditions or allergies: Some dogs suffer from skin conditions, diseases, or allergies that determine how often they should bathe. Ask your vet for advice on this.

Final Thoughts

Mini Goldendoodles are beautiful, especially if we consider their coat. But having curly and long hair also means taking special care and following proper hygiene routines. However, this doesn’t have to be complicated! You can bathe your dog on your own just by following the steps described in this post.

Reread it and learn everything you need to know to bathe and brush your Goldendoodle dog’s coat! In case you’ll like to learn more about Goldendoodle grooming, you can check out these top 7 Goldendoodle questions answered by a reputable breeder.

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