Steps To Boost Productivity And Save Your Time

Would you like to turn from an overloaded donkey into a productive unicorn? Famous marketer Larry Kim once revealed a secret that is going to help you! Constant willing to become productive makes more and more workers distort the meaning of the actual term “productivity.”

Busy donkeys try to create a big “to do list” as possible. Productive unicorns are optimizing this list. Busy donkeys are sure that if their day is more overloaded with tasks, then you can define this day as a productive one. They are trying to include more “to do” things, but eventually, most of them will be postponed until tomorrow. Productive people understand that one does not need to do his or her own best to finish a hundred tasks each day. They will never try to compare their “to do” lists with the lists of their colleagues. They are working at a comfortable pace.

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Step 1 – Manage Your Time

Time management is an excellent tool for those who would like to be productive. Time management skills is an effective managing and controlling of your time. It is a developed skill of dividing things into important and not important ones. A productive person always knows what things should be done primarily and what are the tasks he or she can postpone for the future.

The key in time management is planning. We strongly advise you to plan your day. Each evening you should write down all the necessary tasks for tomorrow. You can also mark them with a green and red pencil. Red ones are significant to be done, and the green ones can be postponed.

For effective time management, you should get rid of the things that are stealing your time! Primarily we mean your phone. Of course, it is impossible for a modern person to live his or her own life without a phone, but! You should at least mute all the notifications, as they are disturbing you from completing your tasks.

Productive people are always concentrated on one task only. Their concentration is not dispersed. Moreover, you should “eat a frog” in the morning. What does it mean? We advise you to do the most difficult tasks in the morning. When they are completed in the morning – the rest of your day will be more relaxed and pleasant. It may sound weird to someone, but a good tip is keeping your desk clean.

According to the latest researches, one should keep his or her desk clean to be able to complete more tasks and to do them quickly. In addition to a clean working space,  it should also be comfortable. You should organize your desk: it is necessary to have all the stationery, calculator, paper, laptop, etc. nearby.

Step 2 – Planning Is A Key

As it was mentioned above, a productive person should always plan his or her days. We strongly advise you to buy a small planner or download an app to your smartphone. Each evening or morning you should write down all the plans necessary to be completed. Some people do not understand the importance of planning. It is evident that the modern person cannot hold all the information in his or her head. We tend to forget some facts. Thus, you can forget even important stuff. It is the main reason for writing down all your plans. Moreover, with your day being well planned, you will not waste your time.

Step 3 – Define Your Goals And Their Deadlines

Defining your goals is the part of planning. A productive person is always chasing his or her goals. For it not to take an eternity, we recommend you to set a deadline for each purpose you are trying to achieve. With the defined goal and its deadline, you will not waste your time on the things that do not help you make the targets you need.

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Step 4 – Make Breaks And Relax

A productive person is not the one who works all days long. To be productive one should rest enough. A good tip is a “tomato” method created by one Italian. This method says you to divide your day into 25-minute periods when your activity should be at the peak. Between those periods you should have some time to rest. We also recommend you to diversify your brain activity with muscle one. You can exercise a little bit after each working session.

Step 5 – Follow Two-Minute Rule

Two-minute rule is a great tool to stop procrastinating and become more productive. This rule is probably the most fundamental rule in the whole world.

It merely says you the next: everything that can be done in 2 minutes should be done NOW! Do not postpone anything that takes up to 2 minutes for tomorrow. We are talking about simple stuff, such as making your bed, washing dishes, socks, cleaning your room, etc. For now, those things take only 2 minutes.

But if you postpone them until tomorrow, you are going to have more and more things to do each day. The next day you will not have only to make your bed or clean your dishes but to do them both. Thus, it will take more time.

Step 6 – Forget About Multi-Tasking

People used to consider multi-tasking as the key to success. The time flies and changes. Nowadays, multi-tasking is regarded as a dangerous phenomenon, and we can explain to you why.

Our brain is not created to process a lot of tasks simultaneously. It is developed to be concentrated on one goal at one moment of time. Bombarding yourself with extra information and multi-tasking can worsen your productivity and make your brain work slowly.

All in all, a modern person should always try to find the ways to make him- or herself productive. We all feel the lack of time.

Thus, it is essential to budget it. We want to draw your attention to the fact, that being productive does not mean doing a lot of tasks. It means being the king of your time. It means perfect budgeting of your day and defining the goals to be achieved.

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