Student-Centric Teaching – Small Private School In Hobart Helping Students Thrive

If you’re thinking of making the move to Tasmania or have recently done so, you would no doubt be considering the options for your child’s education.  Today, we are going to discuss how a small private school in Hobart is making its mark by helping students thrive in a competitive environment with a student-centric approach to teaching, and the results speak for themselves.  We take a look at what motivates students and their parents in their quest for the right school, the benefits to be had by considering all options, big and small.

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Australian’s Flock To Tasmanian Hotspot

Hobart, Australia, long-since favored by holidaymakers locally and abroad for its breathtaking scenery and laid back lifestyle has attracted greater attention of late for a variety of reasons.  Australian’s have been flocking to the Apple Isle in recent years, fueled by the housing boom on the mainland and expanding business opportunities from within. Significant business investment and the prevalence of experienced, skilled staff and a lower-income threshold has attracted business interest.

Job opportunities are on the increase, and thousands of Australian families are making Tasmania their new home. Many attracted to the region are families with young children, looking for a new start and a tranquil lifestyle, away from the bustle and negative influences of city life.

And, while each family’s motives for making a move may differ, the majority of parents are unified in their goals to rear their children in a positive atmosphere.  Often, the pressures and influences of modern life can negatively impact our children’s upbringing, education, and goals.

Families attracted to Tasmania, are often seeking alternatives to public education with private schooling seen as the obvious solution, and Hobart, like any other city, is well represented in this area.  But, for those looking for an alternative with a more rounded approach to education are finding Christian Schools a worthy consideration.

Christian Schools Go Above And Beyond

Christian schools have long been a place where students can develop a grounded approach and understanding of bible principles, in a safe, nurturing environment—a place where children can interact with fellow students who share similar values. Christian teaching shows students by example, the importance of caring and the benefits of interacting with one another in a thoughtful, harmonious manner.

The reassurance your child receives by being part of this unified approach removes the stress attributable to behavioural issues so prevalent in today’s public school system. One small private school in Hobart stands out amongst several, larger, independent and private schools in the Australian Christian College.

ACC has a student-centric approach designed to support children throughout their education journey. A shared vision and values inspire students. ACC’s mission is to build a biblical foundation in the life of every student, to help them build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while helping each student to succeed in their goals.

You children will build confidence and resilience to help them face life’s challenges, rest assured our dedicated and supportive teachers are here to guide and support studies in their studies. It’s a pretty awesome way to bring your family together, and the benefits are truly amazing.

Challenges Faced By Students In Regular Schooling

While many students have similar educational needs, there are nonetheless, challenges that some students need to overcome or will experience while at school. Some students, more than others, experience particular challenges in their learning path; bullying, peer pressure or loneliness can be significant obstacles to overcome.

Thankfully, this is where Christian Schools can make a difference.  With the support of caring teachers and guidance, children can build relationships and develop resilience to better cope in the future during times of hardship.  Christian schools exemplify what all private schools should emulate.

Challenges Faced By Students In Online Learning

Every student is likely to face unique challenges when shifting to distance education; possible obstacles are:

  • Lack of digital literacy – Online learning requires students to use computers or smart devices to attend classes. Some technological proficiency is needed to participate in online discussions, communicate with classmates and teachers, and submit their work online. On the upside; the majority of students are already exposed to these technologies and can
  • Poor Internet connection – Strong internet connectivity is a must as some lessons require video streaming or conferencing to interact with teachers directly.
  • Lack of motivation – Students, especially the younger ones, need to communicate and engage with their classmates and teachers personally to stay motivated. If they shift to online learning, they may feel isolated and procrastinate in doing their allocated activities. It’s your duty as parents to inspire and guide your student in their online learning.
  • Time management – As they will be studying by themselves, both young and old, can experience difficulty with time management. They may become distracted by other online activities, like playing online games while using online applications. It’s crucial to master your time management skills and place a priority on your studies over leisure

Benefits Of Faith-Based Online Private Education

So, at this point we talked about the benefits of private education and in particular, a Christian education.   You might be a little shocked to find there are few Christian Schools which also offer online education, so the choice narrows considerably.  Let choice doesn’t mean standards drop, it’s just you’ve need to do a little more digging to find the school right for your children.

Here are some of the benefits of online education in Christian schools:

  • Cost efficiency – There are significant savings to be had from online education. Parents save on costs like bus travel, allowances, boarding and uniforms.
  • Focus on learning – Limited distractions so your children can focus more clearly on their study. They learn to work on activities independently which can positively impact their creativity in the future.
  • Student-centred education – Students learn the value of bible-based principles and interact with students with similar values. Children study in a supportive and cohesive learning environment.
  • Smaller class sizes – Better teacher to student ratios leverage student learning.

Our Final Thoughts

Enrolling your children in a private school can provide lifetime benefits, of course, private education is not cheap, the reality is the value of education can only really be measured over a lifetime.  The real measure of a school is reflected in its students.

Whether your family is moving to Hobart or is already enjoying the Apple Isle, the Australian Christian College offers students the warmth of a small school environment that delivers big results.

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