Students Urge Congressional Action On Climate Change

California’s wildfires regularly remind how acute the issue of climate change is now. While the government may not want to see the scale of the issue, the youngsters start acting by creating resolutions and pressing Congress to use their resources to eliminate horrendous results of climate neglect.

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Students Press Congress To Support Climate Change Policies

The issue of climate change became news more than 30 years ago but today we have reached the moment in our history when the problem became too burning and it demands urgent actions both from the people and their governments at the local, state, and national levels. Sadly enough, many leaders who have all resources to combat climate change prefer not to see the scale of the issue and deny the fact that the situation is almost catastrophic. Student companies that help students to make their research ideal, editing or writing, recently essay writer declare that it is no wonder that environmental issues popular now.

Yet, nowadays even youngsters understand how important it is to start acting swiftly to prevent the disaster coming. Mainly, that’s because they have already felt the consequences of the horrendous results of climate neglect. 2018 Camp Fire has been California’s most destructive and deadliest wildfire ever. In fact, wildfires keep happening regularly in the area causing a lot of damage and jeopardizing the safety of citizens.

As a result of one of such natural disasters, 8-year-old Emerson Blizman and her 10-year-old brother Brayden had their school closed for three weeks. They witnessed first-hand how damaging climate change consequences can be. They know the harm and realize that previously Congress didn’t take enough actions and by this, they put at risk lives and well-being of many people.

Climate change is not a partisan issue. It is a generational justice, a social justice, and a human rights issue. Congress has failed to act, and by doing so it has put our current and future students at significant risk,” a California public school teacher in Sonoma County Park Guthrie stated. The activist was also a victim of the wildfire in 2017, which made him and his three kids start to actively work on tackling environmental problems. His 12-year-old daughter June Guthrie sees climate change as a viable threat to her future.

Following the unfortunate environmental event of 2017, there was a meeting held at the Chico office of Doug LaMalfa, the member of the House of Representatives. The congressman told the crowd that he doesn’t agree with the statement that humans are responsible for global warming and climate change.

The activists came up with the idea of creating a set of resolutions and deliver them to Congress in Washington on March 28. It was decided that a group of 130 to 150 youngsters ages 6 to 18 will travel for a youth and educator climate advocacy day. As a result, the sample climate resolutions were hand delivered to every Congress member for their further consideration.

The aim of the campaign is to press Congress for active, swift and bold actions because there are viable fears that if necessary measures are not taken urgently, the quality of people’s lives will rapidly deteriorate and overall, human life might not be able to survive in any civilized form. Schools for Climate Action co-founder Park Guthrie stated, “The history of climate neglect does not have to be our enduring legacy. The 116th Congress can break the pattern of climate neglect.”

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