Sweet Remedy For The Broken-Hearted

Have you ever had your heart broken? What did you do? Did you have sleepless nights, were you angry, so many things one does to forget. A company Tnuva’s Chocolate Dessert created a campaign that wanted to help the broken-hearted feel better. I loved the way they have used chocolates as a sweet antidote for bitter moments.

What the team did was they partnered with a local dating site and users who signed in after a minimum absence of 7 days receives a personal banner and those who clicked the banner got a free dessert! How sweet right?! Having a small budget does not have to limit ones creativity in reaching their target audience. One just needs to look deep into their brand’s inherent qualities and check where the possible audience is and then make the investment.

Included a video for your appreciation of the said campaign. What do you think of it? Will the Chocolate be the remedy for a broken heart?