Take A Photo: A Social Experiment With Disposable Cameras

It seems like everyone is picture crazy these days. We all love to take pictures and share them, especially online. I remember just ten years ago when I was lugging around a heavy camera in my handbag. Back then, taking pictures always required a certain amount of planning with the batteries, the memory cards, etc.. Now that almost every smartphone has a camera, all that has changed. Taking pictures has become super fast, easy and very fun.

It was funny a few weeks ago when this picture went viral with the caption, “like every picture on Facebook.” It’s true; many pictures on Facebook look like that. Also, many of them have girls posing with a duck face or fish lips. I’ll save my comments about that for another post.

Austin Dodge, MrElliotB, and a few of their friends decided to conduct a social experiment where they left disposable cameras in public to see how people would react. Would they steal the cameras? Would they take some pictures? Would they pose? Would they suddenly get fish lips? The results were captured in this fun video below. I wonder how many pictures were edited out. I wish we could see the entire collection. How would you react if you saw this camera on the sidewalk? I think I would definitely take a picture. I mean, why not?

Take A Photo Experiment

Take A Photo Experiment

Take A Photo Experiment

Via: [PetaPixel]