Temporary Hand Tattoos – Easy and Fun!

Have you ever tried telling stories to young children using hand puppets? I have. When my youngest brother was a little boy, I would tell him stories using hand puppets. It kept him entertained for hours. I definitely loved it because it was the only time we had some peace and quiet in our house.

For you guys who have tried it, I am sure you would agree with me when I say that it can be messy if you use finger paint or markers like I did back then. You would also probably agree that it can be quite a hassle to make a puppet using an old sock, and it can be expensive if you buy one. It’s a good thing there are temporary hand tattoos now available. They have two sets of characters to choose from: The animal set and the monster set.

“Enter an era of non-sweaty puppeteering for you and your wee geek! These temporary hand tattoos apply safely and easily using just water. Center the eyeball at the side of your index knuckle and line the top and bottom lips with your index finger and thumb. Once the tattoo is applied, it will move with you! Just flap your fingers and start yapping away. For the more down-to-earth geeklings, we have the animal set, which contains the bird, shark, zebra, giraffe, cow, alligator, tiger and bumblebee. If your geekling is more whimsical (or maniacal), the monster set contains crazy creatures of all stripes and spots, waiting to do the bidding of their new master or mistress. Best of all, no sweaty hands! It’s the perfect toy that your children can take with them wherever they go. Namely, outside” – Think Geek They are available at Think Geek for $5.99.

Images – https://www.thinkgeek.com/geek-kids/3-7-years/d666/images/