The 5 Characteristics of a Happy Person!

Are you happy? Do you often encounter people who, no matter what their circumstances, are almost always happy? All of us experience moments of sadness, or hurt, after all, we are still just human beings and no one has a perfect life. There are happenings in our life that will contribute to a lot of different emotions.

I encountered this tweet last week and it totally made sense: RT @NU_FiT: “You must start with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE or u will surely end without 1.” ~Latet #Quote RT @sherryfetzer @paul_steele @hipcop

There is no real formula to finding happiness, but I seem to notice that a happy person possesses certain characteristics that allow him or her to get over any feeling of negativity, sadness or hurt. Here is list of five of those characteristics:

1. Happy people find contentment – There are occasions where we find ourselves being discontent with what with have, and during those times, we focus on what we don’t have. We often get so blindsided by this that we forget about the blessings that we do have. Finding contentment is really not that difficult, just look around you. Perhaps look at your family, your friends, and hopefully your health. Being thankful should be the main focus.

2. Happy people see the glass half full and not half empty – I am truly grateful for my friend Diana. She has a way of looking at life differently, and it is very infectious. Looking at life with a different perspective will always allow one to see the beauty of life and what it has to offer.

3. Happy people value their own self worth – Being able to see a person’s own strengths, beauty and talent is so important. I believe that we need to have a clear and healthy view of our self importance in order to be happy. If we possess this trait, then no one can bring us down no matter what the circumstances.

4. Happy people find the time to laugh and laugh often – As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and I have always believed that. It lifts the spirit and calms the soul.

5. Happy people stay positive – If you think about it, being negative doesn’t really help your situation one bit. There are occasions, of course, when want to rant and rave, most especially when we are frustrated. However, if you think back, it does not really solve any problems. We just end up being tired and irritated.