The Art of Making It Rain Dollar Bills

One thing I have learned from featuring a myriad of talented artists here at BitRebels is that you can create thought provoking, unique, expressive art out of just about anything. For the artistic mind, there are no limits and no boundaries that constrain his or her creativity.

Famous tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, knows this all too well. He recently displayed his newest creations, laser cut etchings on top of $1 bills, at an art gallery in Miami, Florida. This type of art is dangerous, dark, controversial and sexy. I love it! The collection, called “Make it Rain,” is a huge hit among art enthusiasts all over the States.

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase “Make it Rain,” according to what I’ve read, it is usually a phrase used to describe an activity when rappers throw hundred dollar bills into the air at a nightclub – in a VIP area with several strippers – and they have fun watching the girls scramble for the cash. In other words, they make it rain money.

Known as a genuine and down to earth guy who throws great parties, I’m sure Scott knows it is illegal to deface money, but something tells me that he doesn’t care. In addition to doing his etchings on dollar bills, Scott now etches on tables, chairs, skateboards, laptops, etc… You can see his fascinating process of etching as it relates to tattooing in this video:

He has done work for Camel Cigarettes (see an ad he created below), ZZ Top, Maserati and Nike. You can learn more about Scott Campbell and see his impressive collection of tattoo artistry on his website at

Thank you, Norman Lendzion, for these pictures from the “Make it Rain” collection.