The Best Way To Parallel Park

I’m a bad driver, and I know it. There, I said it. I suck really badly at it actually. I’ve hit cars parked in my own driveway several times, and I’ve had many accidents on the highway. I drive like a granny, and when my friends ask why I drive so slow, I have to explain that I’m trying to be careful. Quite honestly, I’m surprised my insurance company hasn’t dropped me yet (thank you!).

This little 33-second new viral video cracks me up. I can totally relate to this! I live in a big city, and I often times have to parallel park, but I have yet to learn how to successfully do it. I’ve been late to countless meetings because I’m on the street trying to squeeze into a parking spot.

As a matter of fact, when I was 16, I hit another car while I was demonstrating how to parallel park during my driving test. It was a huge driving fail, and needless to say, I didn’t get my license that day. My mother made me wait a whole extra year before she let me try again. So, if you’ve ever been frustrated with the art of parallel parking, just know you are not alone. I found an article online that will supposedly teach us how to parallel park like an expert. I think I’ll print that badboy out and keep it in my car for later this afternoon when it will come in handy. I hope you like this video. Now that’s my kind of parallel parking!

Best Way To Parallel Park

Via: [Presurfer] Image Credit: [Discovery News]