The Elegantly Geek Way To Store Your Bicycle

I am a bike-riding fanatic. I have been all over Atlanta on my bicycle. Almost every weekend I grab a bottle of water and go out on my bike for several hours.

I don’t really have a good storage place for my bike though. I don’t like leaving it outside, but keeping it inside is cumbersome since it’s usually in the way. Right now, for example, my bike is blocking me from getting to the dryer. When it’s time to do laundry, I’ll move it again. It seems to just get shuffled all over the place.

Well, no more! Check out this completely brilliant and geeky way to store our bicycles. The designer, Chris Brigham, says that until he thinks of a better name, this will be called the Bike Shelf. This is his solution for the apparent lack of “elegant bike management.” This handmade Bike Shelf is around $300. You can purchase one by getting in touch with Chris through his blog here. I love it!

[via Juiced Magazine]