The Malibu Girl vs The Geek Girl

Which is more attractive, the Malibu girl or the geek girl? I started thinking about this after seeing a tweet from @krystynchong about some guys that unfollowed her because she wouldn’t tweet them. She tweeted, “Shouldn’t they have noticed long before I’m totally not their type? I’m not Malibu twarbie. I’m Spyderco krys.”

Years ago, all the girls wanted to be like Malibu girls, you know, long blond hair, big breasts and perfectly tanned. Wow, have times changed! The geek girls have been quietly gaining momentum and now I see geek girls everywhere, especially on Twitter, flaunting their intellect instead of their boobs.

What is going on? Could it be that the geeks are taking over? Like @krystynchong, I’m a geek girl all the way. I can build a computer from scratch practically with my eyes closed; however, when I watch old episodes of Baywatch, part of me still wishes I could look like Pamela Anderson in a bathing suit. What do you think? Which is more attractive?

Let’s compare:

Malibu Girls:
They are beautiful to look at and very sexy
All your friends will be jealous
They won’t ever steal your multimeter or reprogram your TIVO
You’ll never be outclassed in an intellectual discussion

Geek Girls:
They will play computer games with you, and kick your ass
They can fix anything
Your computer will perform much better when she is maintaining it
They are very smart and you’ll lose track of time because you’ll actually enjoy talking

Of course, this is all just said in a joking way and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone. However, I have noticed that the geek girls are gaining more popularity every day. Who would have thought it would be so cool to be smart? :) I send a high-five to all the geek girls out there!

Which do you think is more attractive? The Malibu girl or the geek girl?