The Most Dangerous Way To Get To School

Every once in a while it’s nice to see something that puts into perspective how wonderful our lives truly are. Those things that make us stop for a moment and give thanks are like little treasures of gold in our day.

Watching this video below will do just that. This will make your Grandfather’s story about how he had to walk two miles through deep snow to get to school seem easy.

This video is about Daisy, an 11 year old girl that lives with her family in the jungle in Colombia.

The only transportation out of this village is either through a two hour difficult hike or sliding on a rickety cable strung 1,200 feet in the air above a dangerous river.

Even though the government won’t build a bridge for them, Daisy and her brothers and sisters still have to get out of the village everyday to go to school. How do they do it? Yep, you guessed it, across the tiny cable. On their way back home from school, they manage to carry groceries, supplies, pets, even each other back across the cable again.

A small wooden brake, which each person carries for themselves, is the only thing that stops them from slamming into the tires at the end of the ride. In addition to getting herself across safely twice a day, Daisy also carries her sister in a burlap bag and makes sure the rest of the children make it across safely.

If you are like me, this video is going to remind you not to complain about anything else today. Life is good. We are blessed.