The Pet High Chair: Dogs At The Dinner Table!

Since Misty and I both love animals, we write about them a lot on Bit Rebels. Misty and her family have 20 cats in their home in the Philippines, and I have 3 dogs in my home in Atlanta.

Of all people, I can understand how much our pets can truly become part of the family. They each have their own personality, and they give us so much unconditional love and happiness every day. However, at the end of the day, I’m also the first to admit that they are animals. To me, there are some places that animals don’t belong, and the dinner table is one of them.

This pet high chair, made by Hammacher Schlemmer, is for people who love their dogs and cats soooooo much, that they even want to share a meal with them. Some people say this is a solution for dogs that beg. Yeah, right, reward them for begging by letting them sit at the table and eat. Wth? I suppose if I was really lonely, and eating dinner alone, and completely out of my mind, I might possibly put my dog in this, but I doubt it.

[via What The Cool, The Green Head]