The Smartest Animal I’ve Ever Seen

Everything that I’m about to write is based on the assumption that the video below is real. It’s so nuts to me that an octopus could do this, so I have to consider the fact that it’s fake; however, for right now, I will assume it’s for real.

So, we all get it that animals are smart, right? After all, we’ve seen the animals that can paint, which is impressive. There is even one animal that has figured out how to live forever, and wow, that is quite a feat. I’ve also seen videos where it appears that a dog is actually speaking.

However, I have never in my wildest dreams seen an animal do this. I know that mimicry is a common strategy in nature. Some animals use it as a survival technique. For example, when some flies turn black and yellow to mimic a bee, they are doing it to pretend they are more dangerous than they really are. It’s always fun to watch a chameleon change from green to brown to match his surroundings. All that considered, this octopus appears to be smarter than some people I know. Yeah, really. Check this out. He can transform into about fifteen different animals at will. Wth? This goes way beyond any kind of camouflage technique. I barely know how to swim, and I’ve never been scuba diving. Hmm… after seeing this, I really want to learn so I can go underwater and explore. Simply put, this completely blows my mind.

[via Geekologie]