Miracle Of Nature: Close Up Photographs Of Animal Eyes

I think eyes are one of the most interesting parts of the human body. Everything about them from the science behind how we get our eye color to these close up photographs of eyes are just a miracle if you ask me. If you’ve never explored your own eyes, may I suggest that you go stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and look really closely at them. It’s a trip!

One thing I’ve never written about before are the eyes of animals. After seeing these photographs of animal retinas taken by Suren Manvelyan, I’ve decided animal eyes are just as interesting as human eyes, if not more. There is more diversity in the animal world, and who would ever guess that would even be evident even in their eyes.

On his Behance page, Suren explains that all of these animals are alive and none were hurt during his photography sessions. The cat pictures below are just examples of stunning animal eyes, they weren’t part of this photo shoot. I think out of all these pictures, the fish eye is the most interesting to me. It looks exactly like a breast implant. Of course, you would have had to see a breast implant to know that. I don’t have them by the way; I’ve just seen them. #justsayin

The eye of a husky dog
Close Up Shots Animal Eyes

The eye of a crocodile
Close Up Shots Animal Eyes

The eye of a black rabbit
Close Up Shots Animal Eyes

The eye of a tiger python
Close Up Animal Eyes

The eye of an albino tiger python
Close Up Animal Eyes

They eye of a caiman
Close Up Of Animal Eyes

The eye of a fish
Wild Animal Eyes Photographs

The Pallas’s Cat, also called Manul (a small wild cat)
Close Up Of Animal Eyes

Small Wild Cat Image

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