The Tornado That Stole A Burger And Fries

I live in Atlanta, and we have a lot of tornadoes that blow through here each year. We don’t have as many as Tornado Alley, but we still get our fair share. People who have never experienced tornadoes get very frightened about them. They usually leave a path of destruction, and many times they ruin lives. I have had close encounters with tornadoes since I was a little girl, so for me, it’s not quite as scary. However, I know that as with any force of nature, the moment you don’t respect it is the moment you die, so I still take proper precautions when necessary.

Just last week we had severe thunderstorms, lightening, lots of hail and a few tornadoes come through here. It was a storm that crossed several states and killed about 47 people. We were without electricity for a day, but lucky for me, I could still tweet from my iPhone. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tornadoes, they are huge masses of circulating air that look kind of like a rotating dirty cloud up close.

They are very powerful and pull things into their funnel system. I’ve heard of cows, homes, trees and even huge trucks being uplifted into a tornado. Sometimes the obvious storm safety precautions do not apply when it comes to tornadoes. For example, if you are in a car, it is much safer to get out of it immediately and go lay in a ditch than to stay inside of it. If you are at home, it’s important not stand near the windows and look outside. Sometimes the worst injuries are from flying glass. You can visit this link on FEMA for tornado safety tips.

Now… on to something a little more lighthearted. As serious as tornadoes are, every once in a while, someone says something so funny regarding them that you just have to laugh. As I mentioned, tornadoes suck things into their funnel. The guy in this 38 second video is referring to the same storm that came through here last week. Apparently it stole his hamburger, fries and drink. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. I can’t stop giggling. Bummer dude! I hope you got another burger when it was all over.

Tornado Funnel Cloud Storm

Tornado Funnel Cloud Storm

Via: [Nuclear Toast]