The Truth Comes Out: What Women Carry In Their Handbags

Guys, have you ever wondered what women carry in their handbags? I admit, it’s kinda strange that we carry around a sack full of stuff wherever we go, but what exactly is it all? This is the shortest answer I can think of: We carry our life in our bag.

A few minutes ago, I dumped out my own handbag on my bed to examine my life. The items in there included a small notebook, a driver’s license, cash, lip balm, a rogue pearl earring, an iPod filled with some very special songs, a Montblanc pen I’ve had for ten years, a pair of bent sunglasses, hand sanitizer and my emergency dental floss. My mobile phone isn’t on this list because it’s usually in my hand, not my bag. I put the question out on Twitter, and here is just a small sampling of the answers I received:

Photographer Jason Travis (from right here in Atlanta) was so interested in what women carry in their bags that he devoted an entire photography project to his curiosity. You can check out his fascinating Flickr page for more info. This is some of what he found…

[Image Source: Amusing Planet]