The World’s Highest Water Slide Is A Heart-Stopping Thrill

I know there are some people who live for thrills like this, but there is no f-ing way I would ever get on this thing. I would be one of those people who would have a heart attack on the way down, and since this water slide is as tall as a 14-story building, well, I’d probably be dead before I got to the bottom. I can understand skydiving and even bungee jumping, but this is officially over the edge in my book. Well, unless you’re into suicide.

This is the highest water slide in the whole world, and it’s in Fortaleza, Brazil. It was built back in 1989, and it’s been in the Guinness record book for a while. To this day, nobody has ever built a higher one than this. Since it’s 41 meters high and super duper steep, it’s based on gravity.

It only takes 4 or 5 seconds to go from the top to the bottom, and during that time, your body will reach a speed of 105 km/h, which is as fast as a Ferrari. It’s basically a free fall with some water added. Are you freaking kidding me? OMG. I wonder if your body even stays on the slide itself as it’s falling. What if you slipped right off the side of that thing? What if you missed the pool at the bottom and just went flying off? What if your swim trunks got yanked off? What if, what if, what if… I’m adding this to my bucket list of things not to do before I die.



Via: [Oddity Central]