These Doghouses Are Nicer Than My House!

I love my dogs, they are truly part of my family; however, at the end of the day, they are dogs. Unlike some of my friend’s dogs, my dogs do not get massages, go to doggie daycare or take exercise classes. My dogs don’t even wear sweaters in the wintertime.

Nope, we don’t do things that fancy at my house. The highlight of my dogs’ day is playing in the backyard in the grass and occasionally chasing a squirrel. When I saw these doggie dream houses, I almost fell out of my chair. Are they kidding? Shoot, forget the dogs, I’d live in one of these houses! Haha. :)

The picture of the interior of one of these doggy homes (below at the bottom) is from These doghouses come with heating and cooling, flooring and roofing options, electrical accommodations and even lighting! Yep, apparently there is a market for these luxury doghouses, and there are people out there that want to pamper their pooches this much. The Celebrity Hacienda Dog House (first picture below) is $30,000! I just can’t help but giggle. I want to meet a dog that has one of these houses so I can shake his hand, err… his paw.

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