Simple Tips To Effectively Sanitize Your Office

The 2020 Corona-Virus tragedy has affected so many businesses in monumental ways and has caused mass global unemployment. For some lucky people, it resulted in three or four months of remote working. This enabled businesses to operate in the short term but now as the strict lockdowns put in place globally are starting to loosen, businesses around the world are seeking solutions that will enable them to open up again without putting their employees in harm’s way.

CoronaVirus has caused businesses, individuals, and entire countries to attempt to find the necessary balance between economic requirements and the health of their people.

If you have a business that is looking to reopen in these difficult times, it is vital that you introduce the correct procedures to keep your employees safe and healthy. This article is a guide to simple tips to effectively sanitize your office.

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Pay Attention To The Layout Of Your Office

Whilst it may seem like a monumental task to making your office safe for your employees, there are some really easy steps. The first thing that you need to take into account is the layout of your office. In the past, offices were all laid out with isolated cubicles in which each employee would spend their working day completing their tasks.

The business world moved away from this setup in the last few decades to promote a more holistic environment. Whilst this was certainly beneficial to the sharing of ideas and talents, it has become unfeasible at least for now. Look at the way your office is set up and try to find solutions that enforce social distancing.

The areas where employees previously used to gather, such as around coffee machines or water dispensers will now, at least in the short term, require draconian regulations. The experts at advise that you set rules about how many people can use these facilities at any one time.

As frustrating as it may be for everyone involved, your employees will understand that it is for good reasons. Set up office furniture and working spaces which enable your workforce to socially distance, or even invest in some of the new office furniture which has been developed which incorporates physical barriers between employees.

Ask Your Employees To Work Remotely Where Possible

One thing that has become apparent during the Covid-19 Pandemic is that there are huge swathes of workers who are able to do their jobs from home. Previously employers had been reluctant to go down this route for fear of a loss in productivity or oversight. What is now clear is that not only do people do their jobs just as well remotely as they would do in the office but that this can save employers money in terms of the size of office required and also the money that employees need to spend on commuting.

It is clear that remote working is going to become the norm and so taking the steps to facilitate your employees to work from home now is only going to benefit your business in the future. Even if there are certain tasks that need your employees to be in the office, structure your workforce schedules so that 50% of your staff are working remotely whilst the other 50% are working from home. The businesses that are going to survive and ultimately thrive post-pandemic are going to be those who effectively manage employee safety with business needs.

Give Your Employees The Tools They Need

When the virus was first spreading, it became clear that basic hygiene was one of the most effective ways to stop its transmission. With so many people coming back to work who are scared about their own health and the health of their families, it is your responsibility to make sure that you keep them safe. Proper handwashing techniques are vital in stopping the spread of not only CoronaVirus but of many other nasty germs and bacteria.

Make sure that your office bathrooms are adequately stocked with soap and hand sanitizer so that your employees can wash their hands properly to stop the spread of illness. Paper towels or electric hand dryers should be available because they are significantly more hygienic than regular towels for drying hands.

It is so important to implement effective standards of hygiene if your office, especially during these unprecedented times. As we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic, businesses across the world are searching for solutions to reopen safely. Follow this guide to ensure that your office is effectively sanitized.

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