Top 5 Tips On How To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket

Speeding is one of the most violated when it comes to traffic rules. Avoiding speeding tickets is easy, as long as you are proactive and vigilant. Being a careful and attentive driver, as well as driving within the posted speed limits will help you to avoid speeding tickets.

However, that is not always possible. If you drive fast and far enough, there are high chances that you will end up with a speeding ticket at some point in your life. Here are some tips that can help you to avoid speeding tickets.

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1. Avoid A Speeding Ticket By Driving Within The Speed Limits

The easiest and most reliable way of avoiding speeding tickets is by driving within the allowed speed limits. Every roadway, street or highway in the country has a certain speed limit. Adhering to the law and driving carefully is a reliable and simple way of avoiding speeding tickets. You will also be exercising public safety.

Speeding is one of the biggest contributors to automobile accidents in the country. Due to that, various states have come up with strict traffic laws to prevent issues of speeding on the roads. In Virginia, you can be charged with criminal offenses if you were caught speeding beyond a certain limit. Therefore, if you want to avoid all these issues, just stay within the allowed limits.

2. Install A Radar Detector

One of the best ways of avoiding speeding tickets is by installing a radar detector in your vehicle. Although they are not 100% accurate, they will warn you of the presence of speed trap detectors, red light cameras, and other devices used to measure speeds on the road.

With so many models on the market, it is advisable to look for the best radar detector. A quality radar detector should have a high accuracy and long range. You will, therefore, have enough time to adjust your speed before you approach patrol vehicles or speed trap cameras. You also need to know how to use a radar detector properly, before you can fully rely on it.

3. Drive With Situational Awareness

[pullquote]What does it mean to drive with situational awareness?[/pullquote] Most accidents or incidents that happen on the road occur due to distraction. If you want to avoid an encounter with traffic police, then you need to pay attention to approaching traffic as that ahead of you. You also need to look farther ahead of the car in front of you.

For example, if the vehicle ahead slows down abruptly, the chances are high that the driver has encountered something ahead. It might be a hidden patrol car. You should also observe the approaching cars. If the approaching drivers flash their headlights, the chances are high that they are trying to warn you of the presence of patrol cars.

4. Know Speed Traps Locations

Traffic officers usually operate speed traps from hidden locations on the highways and roadways. However, they have certain preferred locations such as at U-turn points, intersections and after an overpass. They prefer locations with bushes and plenty of foliage so that they can hide their cars.

Therefore, before you embark on a long distance journey or if you are traveling in unfamiliar territory, you need to determine those locations. Once you identify them, you will have enough time to adjust your speed, drive with caution, and watch out for the presence of speed traps.

5. Be Respectful When Pulled Over

In the unfortunate event, that you get pulled over, show respect and be friendly to the police officers. Produce all the identification requested and avoid any confrontations with the officers. Trying to start an argument or antagonizing them will increase chances of getting that speeding ticket.

You can also ask them to give you a warning instead. Once you have been charged, don’t rush to pay the speeding ticket. Paying for it is an admission of guilt. As much as it might appear the most convenient thing to do at the moment, an accumulation of these tickets can lead to a suspension of driving privileges. You have up to 90 days to explore your options.

As you can see, there are various means of avoiding speeding tickets. The most important thing to do is to remain alert on the road. A simple distraction can land you into the hands of traffic police. Exercise caution and avoid speeding is possible. If you are speed fanatic, then invest in a quality radar detector.

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