Top 6 Gifts For Dog Parents

Finding the right gifts for your friends and family is always a challenge, especially if you’re just popping off their interests. On the other hand, pets can make things easy on you if you’re willing to give the process a bit of thought. So, if you want something for the dog love in your life then read on.

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1. Their Brand Of Dog Food

Take a peek at the bag that your friend feeds their dog and write down the name and variety.

Most pet owners stick with just one pet food brand and taste. All you need to do is figure out which it is.

It’s an easy gift and one which is sure to prove a hit. One of the most common ongoing maintenance costs with dogs is their food and taking a chunk out of that for your friend is never a bad thing. Give it a shot, it’s sure to be well received.

2. Interactive Dog Puzzles

Intelligent, high energy dogs need things to keep them occupied while their parents aren’t home. Dogs like Border Collies have a reputation for being hyper and tearing things up, but the truth is that these working dogs need mental stimulation or well… they kind of lose it.

You can easily find interactive dog toys online, most of which work by releasing treats after the dog has figured out the way to solve the puzzle. Any of them work, as long as they’re too tough for the dog to just tear apart.

You can even make them for a one-two punch of thoughtfulness and making their pet happy. It’s hard to beat.

3. Dog Beds

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger than a toy, you should look into orthopedic dog beds. They can be a bit on the pricey side but they’re something that can be life-changing for a dog.

If you go down this route then you should make sure the bed is appropriately sized. You don’t need exact measurements but you’re not going to fit a German Shepherd on a small dog bed anytime soon.

The best are made of memory foam, but you can find some that are more affordable that just have a memory foam top. Look into it, especially if you like the pet in question.

4. FitBark

The FitBit has been a game-changer for some people’s fitness, it seems only natural that you’d also be able to find it for dogs. It’s a combination GPS tracker and health monitor, which will leave your friend and their furry buddy in awe.

That adds up to a great combination for any dog parent. GPS allows you to locate a missing dog and a health monitor lets you make sure that the walks are long enough to keep the dog in great shape.

The only reason more dog owners don’t have them is that they’re not aware of them, so make it a surprise.

5. Some Calming Treats

If your friend or family member often complains that their dog is a handful, you may want to turn them on to calming treats. There are a ton of them out there, but they share a common purpose.

The basic idea is to use some kind of non-pharmaceutical ingredient or supplement to help a dog’s anxiety mellow out. Separation anxiety can cause serious problems, especially since many dogs will tear things up when they get worried.

It may or may not work on their dog, but the thought is what counts. It just might put your friend on the search for the right calming treats as well!

6. Custom Shirts

If your friend’s dog makes the rounds on social media, you can easily take a picture and find a service to make the dog into a shirt. Crop around the dog itself for the best results.

Depending on the person you’re buying it for this will be either an amusing or heartfelt gift. Many people love to keep their animal’s image around and a shirt for lounging around the house? That’s a big bonus.

Google will find you someone with no issues but read some reviews first to make sure the company does quality work. You might want to make sure the shirt itself is durable as well, some companies excel at bad printing on bad shirts. On the other hand, many will make a picture shirt that lasts a lifetime.

Gift Giving For Dog Owners

Getting someone’s pet a gift is never a bad idea, especially since pets are usually a major part of their lives. The truth is that any gift involving their dog is likely to make them smile, but if you put in the time to make sure that you have a great gift? Then it’ll really shine. Consider getting your friends or family a good doggone gift the next time their birthday rolls around.

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