Top 8 Food Items To Try Out In Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in Spain and is quite famous for various things. Some of these things include the great artist Picasso and the FC Barcelona football team. A lesser-known fact about Barcelona is that some of the best and finest food items are served in the city and every person must try out some of the food items served in the city.

If you are planning a trip in the city anytime sooner then you should definitely give this blog a read to create that bucket list for yourself. Here are some of the best food items that is surely going to lure some of the foodies out there in the world.

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This authentic dish was invented during the time of Spain civil war and still holds a lot of importance in the city. During that time, it used to serve as the handmade grenade to be used in the civil war. A lot of chefs got inspired by the tiny grenades and decided to create an iconic dish out of it and hence, they serve these small little packets of flavor in almost every restaurant.


This is one of those authentic dishes of the city that attract a number of tourists to the city every year. It is actually a salad made out of raw and salted cod and tastes perfectly tasty with a glass of sparkling wine. It is served with a great variety of sauces to make it more flavorsome.


This is one of the most fascinating vegetarian dishes of the city. Although there are some non-vegetarian variations to the same but it tastes the best with the exotic eggplant and red peppers that are cooked in open hot wood oven. After cooking it efficiently it is layered over a slice of bread and this is what makes it even more appetizing.


More than any other food item, the seafood of Barcelona is famous. Paella is a dish prepared from some of the most lip-smacking seafood from Spain. The food item is then layered over evenly cooked rice and tastes like heaven. Some variations also have beans and meat within it instead of the seafood.


This is one of the very few desserts that are iconic in the city of Barcelona. It quite resembles ricotta and is soft and creamy. It is made out some of the creamiest cheese of Barcelona and is prepared to perfection using the same.

Pa Amb Tomaquet

Although this is one of the simplest food items that you will find in the city but is equally scrumptious. It is a tomato spread over slices of specially baked bread. It is mostly the rubbed bread that is loaded with loads of tomato spread or sauce and is sprinkled with some of the best seasonings.

These are few of the food items that you must try out if you are in Barcelona. There is more to Barcelona and its food items and to make the most out of it, you can certainly take the help of Barcelona airport transfers which are absolutely convenient and luxurious.

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