Top Tips For A Healthy Working From Home Routine

When we were thrust into working from home in March 2020, most of us presumed we’d be back in the office within weeks. But now, over a year later, more than half of us are “WFH” – be that from the kitchen table, the bed, or the study. There was no time to think about how to make the best of such an unexpected situation. Here are our suggestions for getting the most from remote working.

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Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is a great opportunity to fuel your body for the day ahead, providing nourishment, energy, and even aiding concentration. It’s the perfect time to tick off some of those important food groups you need throughout the day – so try a varied meal with whole grains, proteins, fruit, veg, and dairy or alternatives. A healthy breakfast will get your workday off to a productive start.

Get Dressed

It’s very tempting to sit around in loungewear all day, but this will do nothing for your productivity levels. Instead, make a habit of getting dressed each morning. Choose a pair of comfortable women’s trousers and pair them with a top you would wear if you were in the office. Why not opt for a bright, colorful blouse for a sunny start to the day? You could even do your hair and make-up if it made you feel more positive.

Structure Is Key

Wake up at the same time each day and kick start with the same routine that signals the start of your working day. Whether that’s catching up on the news, walking the dog, or making a cup of coffee, your mind and body will thank you for the structure. Take your lunch break at a set time and try your best to clock off at the same hour each day.

Take Breaks

It’s straightforward to lose track of time when working from home, but schedule regular breaks to keep your mind fresh. Try a coffee and snack break at 11 am, your lunch break at a particular time, and pause at 3 pm for a walk around. This will clear your mind and aid your creativity, so do it even if you feel like you don’t have time.


Whether it’s a short walk or a home workout, try to fit exercise into your routine. It’s essential to keep moving for your physical and mental well-being. Many of us are used to walking or even cycling as part of our commute, rather than taking a few steps to the kitchen table. Try to get outside for fresh air.

You can also easily build in movement throughout your day by standing up for phone calls, using an exercise ball instead of a chair, and regular stretching – these will all help you keep up an active lifestyle.


Although slightly trickier in these times, try to communicate and connect with friends, family, and colleagues often. Zoom calls, FaceTime, and WhatsApp, will all help prevent you from feeling isolated and are important in keeping your mind positive.

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