Trade A Bag Of Dog Poop For Kickin Wi-Fi Access In The Park

Here’s the scene. You are in the park walking your dog. It’s a peaceful afternoon with lots of sunshine, and the only thing that would make it better is a strong wi-fi connection so you can get some good Twitter or Pinterest action going on your new iPad. What would you say if I told you that you could get the fast Internet connection you want, and all it would cost you is a bag of dog poop? You might wonder, how long would you have access to that wi-fi? Well, that of course depends on how heavy the bag of poop is that you submit for payment. This truly sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

This is exactly how it is at 10 parks in Mexico City. What a great way to get people to pick up their dog’s doo doo. In the hilarious video below, you’ll even see one guy massaging his dog’s butt to try to get him to poop so he can get a wi-fi connection. Some people cheat and put trash in the bags to get the fast Internet connection, but that doesn’t really matter. Either way, people are cleaning up the park, which is all that counts. There is a person assigned to keep an eye on the machine so that people don’t just completely take advantage and fill it with rocks and things like that.

This creative idea is the result of a collaboration between a Mexican Internet portal called Terra and the worldwide advertising agency known as DDB. I wish they had this kind of thing in the States. Shoot, with as much as my dogs poop, I’d get to hang out in the park on the Internet all day long.




Via: [Oddity Central] [Discovery News]