What To Do If You’re In A Truck Accident

When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the result can be devastating. Those traveling in the passenger vehicle are likely to be seriously injured or killed in the collision. In the moments after such a traumatic accident, you may not know what to do. First and most important is your health. The next steps will either help or hurt your chances of successfully filing a personal injury claim.

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Get Medical Attention Directly After The Accident

The first and most important thing is to get the medical attention you need. Your health is the first and most important thing.

Even if you have no apparent injuries, see a doctor anyway. Some injuries take days to become physically apparent. There may be internal damage or the adrenaline in your body prevents you from realizing your injuries until later on.

A visit with a doctor will serve as documentation of your injuries if you decide to file a claim in the future.

Get A Police Report

Whether the accident is minor or serious, it’s a good idea to call the police to the scene. Have the officer generate a report detailing the accident.

A police report will serve as valuable evidence if you decide to file a claim against the trucking company. You can obtain a copy of the police report by calling your local police department. Keep a copy for yourself. The insurance company will also want a copy if you’re filing a claim.

Take Pictures And Write Down Details

If you can, take photos of the accident scene. Photos of the scene will help determine who is at fault, as they will show the positions of the vehicles. Pictures also serve as proof of damages to your vehicle.

Take the photos as soon as possible and before either vehicle is moved. If you’re injured and need medical attention, do not stop to take photos. Get the help you need immediately. Accident reconstruction specialists can use your photos to create a model of the accident and provide an opinion on who was at fault for the collision.

Along with taking photos, gather contact information of witnesses if possible. Their account of the accident may benefit you if you make a claim.

Get A Lawyer

If you are injured in the accident, consider hiring a lawyer. You may be able to obtain compensation for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Special damages, which includes other monetary losses after an accident

Passenger vehicles are in grave danger when they meet with a large truck due to the substantial weight difference,” says injury attorney Denise Bradshaw. “The smaller vehicle suffers the full force of the impact and results in the occupants being killed or sustaining serious injuries that can have long-term effects on the victim.

In order to win a case like this, you’ll need to prove that the trucking company and the driver were liable for your injuries.

The trucking company that employs the driver may be held responsible through “vicarious liability.” Vicarious liability means that employers are responsible for accidents their employees get into while on the job.

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