Turn Your Kids Into Heroes!

I enjoyed writing about Story Jumper because it gives us the power to  create stories and share them with our families.  The topic is particularly appealing to me as my love for reading was due to my dad’s love for story telling.  Even if he was busy with his work, he would always find time to grab a book and read it to us.  Technology today has given us tools and applications that can help us bond, especially for parents who are busy and would still like to be able to connect through storytelling.

Another tool that I found is called Story Something.  Storysomething is a mobile and web platform for personalized and customized children stories.  Professional and amateur authors use Storysomething’s author center to reach and engage with their audience directly.  All one needs to do is sign up.

Why do you need to sign up?  This is a service for young children and their parents, so trust and safety is of paramount importance. By requiring a sign up, it allows the tool to keep tabs on things and ensure that everything on the site is child-friendly.

What is so cool with this tool is that it allows you to personalize the characters of the stories.  You can change the characters with mom, dad or your kid as the hero of the story!  It is truly interactive and fun learning tool!

Turn any time into story time. Just follow the three simple steps and you are on your way to an enjoyable adventure with your kids.

  1. Add the details about your children and family — what do your kids call Mom? Dad? Grandma?
  2. Tell us what kinds of stories your kids like.
  3. Have new personalized stories based on your child’s age and interests delivered to you automagically.

Sign up now for free during their beta stage.

Main Image – The Jungle I the Attic