Understanding The Meaning Behind Anklets

Many women during their lifetime will wear an anklet. Most people view this item as a fashion accessory and nothing more, but they actually come with a long history. This accessory comes with a hidden meaning many people remain unaware of. When they have this information, they look at ankle bracelets a whole new way. Although this accessory comes and goes as a fashion trend, it isn’t going away for good anytime soon. What should people know about anklets?

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What Are Anklets?

Any material that is placed around the ankle in a decorative fashion may be considered an anklet. This might be a piece of twine, rubber bands knotted together, or a traditional anklet chain. People can wear any bracelet they own on their ankles and call it an anklet. All they need is a bracelet that will fit around this joint.

However, don’t purchase a bracelet assuming it can be used as an anklet. Most individuals find their wrist and ankle size are different. The ankle tends to be larger than the wrist, so two pieces of jewelry will be needed.

Quite a few people choose to wear a simple chain as an anklet. They may have a chain with a pendant or single charm, but anything more elaborate could interfere with proper movement. Keep this in mind when choosing an anklet at adinasjewels.com/collections/anklets. It shouldn’t interfere with your normal movement.

Is There A Story Behind Anklets?

Anklets serve as more than an adornment for the lower limb. Many people simply choose an anklet today because they like the look of the jewelry. However, anklets have been around for centuries, and individuals who wore them in the past did so for a reason.

Historians have found anklets dating back to the people of Mesopotamia, an ancient civilization from 4500 years ago. When they excavated Sumerian tombs, they found anklets in some of these tombs. It is believed these pieces were made from metals and stones commonly found in the area.

Today, individuals still wear anklets in Eastern cultures for a range of purposes. They may don an anklet to indicate their social status. Other people wear them to show they are married, and this is common in India. In addition, women often add several charms to the anklet to alert others when she is approaching. It has been suggested that this alerts males to her presence so they won’t say anything she shouldn’t hear.

Anklets in Egypt, however, were seen as a social symbol. A person could tell where people fit in society with one look at the anklet. Wealthy women had elaborate anklets, while slaves would wear anklets made from whatever material they could find. Often, this would be string or leather, but not always. Middle-class citizens wore anklets made from silver or possibly iron. Only those in the upper class were permitted to wear anklets made of gold.

Anklet Meanings In Today’s Society

Anklets made their way into the western culture over the years, and today men and women see this jewelry everywhere they go. Some cultures still follow tradition when they wear these ankle bracelets. For example, women in India get married while wearing an anklet, as this jewelry piece has become part of the standard bridal jewelry. This isn’t the case in western countries.

Women in America wear an engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand rather than an anklet. Nevertheless, anklets do come with modern meanings, although many people remain unaware of these meanings. For instance, which ankle the bracelet adorns signifies more than many people realize.

Wearing an anklet on the left ankle lets other people know the wearer is married but has an open relationship with the spouse. Not all people believe this, but it is something to consider when you choose which ankle you want to put the bracelet on.

In western culture, for the most part, people wear an anklet just as they do any other piece of jewelry. They do so simply because they like the piece and it comes with no hidden meaning. There’s no reason to avoid wearing any jewelry you love, as it is your body and you should feel comfortable with the items you choose to put on it.

Styling Your Anklet

Women often want to know how they should style an anklet. The goal is to ensure others can see the jewelry. Most women wear them when the weather is warm and they are showing more of their legs. In addition, they often choose to combine them with open shoes, like sandals or flip-flops. This ensures they aren’t hidden by the shoes.

One thing to consider when purchase an anklet is the embellishments. For example, a bracelet with charms will make noise every time the woman walks. If this could be an issue, it’s best to choose another style. If you do want a charm, choose an anklet that only has one rather than several. This helps to keep the noise level down.

Consider wearing several anklets together. Mix materials or the metal types. When it comes to your jewelry, you should do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Finally, make certain you get an anklet that fits your body. If it is too tight, you risk cutting off circulation to the foot. On the other hand, an anklet that is too big could easily fall off and be lost.

Although anklets did have different meanings in past times, they rarely do today. Different cultures have different traditions, so what works in America may not be appropriate when you are traveling. Keep this in mind and remain sensitive to other cultures. Otherwise, feel free to wear an anklet or any jewelry that makes you feel good and is comfortable. They are a great accessory anyone can own.

Additionally, you may want to purchase an anklet for a loved one. They are sure to love it as much as you do. Take their personal style into consideration when making this purchase, however, to ensure you get one they will love and want to wear as often as you wear yours.

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