Underwater Egg Trick: Divers Crack Egg Deep In The Ocean

Do you know what happens to an egg if it’s cracked deep in the ocean? In this example, the egg was cracked 32m below the surface. It’s one of those interesting tidbits of information that might help you on some random Saturday night when you are playing an obscure trivia game with a case of beer and a handful of friends.

You might be wondering why anyone would crack an egg underwater in the first place. Well, it is typically done to teach diving students the effects of pressure. Did you know that a tennis ball completely flattens at 20m underwater? Also at that depth, did you know that an empty bottle (filled with air) taken to the bottom and then brought up (with the top on) will explode on the way up?

Underwater pressure is an interesting phenomenon, and these experiments teach us never to hold our breath when we get to a certain depth. Let’s get back to the egg. This 41-second video demonstrates what happens when you crack an egg 32m underwater. Just so there is no confusion, what you see floating around is the inside of the egg, not the shell. Of course, there is a surprising little twist in here too. Enjoy!

Scuba Divers Egg Trick

Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] [Mandxx]