Unique and Beautiful Bath Tubs

I am also a lover of interior designs and I found some cool unique bath tubs that I thought would be great to share with our readers. Found a site Trendir a home magazine site that allows you to look at different furnishings that will make your home a real haven.  Wood Design Tub. Here one create a unique look in your bathroom with the warm, welcoming look of this wood bathtub by Unique Wood Design. The Serena bathtubs are made of rich American walnut and feature a wide oval tub with an integrated surround and base, creating more of a bathing experience as opposed to just tub. An elegant faucet mounted to the surround adds some ornament to this simple, natural design. With the Serena bathtub, it’s easy to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa space. This substantial bathroom fixture will set the tone of rest and relaxation for the whole room. Check out this wood bathtub at Unique Wood Design.

arteggiandodesign-tub-1If you thought hardwood floors in your bathroom were unconventional and beautiful, check out these amazing exotic wood tubs by Arteggiando Design. “My goal was to design and build a tub that could accommodate all those who make the bathroom a real passion tied to a moment of relaxation,” explains the designer. An organic shape coupled with the natural luxury of wood makes for an outstanding timber tub design. This exotic wood tub is both an object of beauty and function that’s ideal for the modern luxury home, the chalet-chic mountain retreat, or an organic spa space where serenity is the ultimate goal. These timber tubs can be customized to suit your space and style, and are available in a variety of wood types including walnut, rosewood, Zebrano, striped maple, wenge, and olive, and in a range of finishes.

For full details visit Arteggiando Design.


bathroomtomorrow-bathtub-nirvana-1With comfort for the moment and a nod toward the future, this unusual bathtub design by BathroomTomorrow has it all – aesthetic, environmental and ergonomic appeal. The futuristic LED bathtub, Nirvana, really is a little piece of paradise. It features sleek, sexy curves that suit any modern, contemporary bathroom. The bathtub gets is smooth, seamless look through the processing of high-grade acrylic, called i-Crylic. The translucent nature of the tub really showcases its 360 LED light spots, setting this whole piece aglow with soothing color. Enjoy the relaxing, rejuvenating attributes of this chromatherapy bathtub while sinking into the water’s warm embrace. But technology doesn’t spoil the look of this stylish bathtub – the touch controls are integrated into the tub’s sleek, smooth design.

A handy electronic tap and automatic fill/stop function add convenience to comfort. Check out the futuristic bathtub of tomorrow, at BathroomTomorrow.


The funky fashions of designer Karim Rashid make a stylish splash with the Kouple two person bathtub by Korean company Saturn Bath. The vibrant pink color attracts your attention, but what keeps you coming back for more is the comfortable peanut shape, providing plenty of room in this acrylic whirlpool for two. This amazing two person bathtub is a certain statement piece, and instant inspiration for your own designer bathroom. Imagine the drama against all-black tiles, or the pop of pink against pure white. Finish the look with the matching Kouple sink – all the style, only on a smaller scale. For more information on this amazing bathtub whirlpool for two, visit Saturn Bath.