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Hair transplantation is a swiftly evolving field in which hair healing surgeons search for more recent techniques to improve the graft yield and enhance the hair healing procedure’s general very last aesthetic result. Historically, hair transplantation utilizes harvesting of follicles from a safe donor place of the scalp and transplantation of those follicles into the scalp’s balding regions. There is a limited delivery of strands to be harvested from the safe donor place region.

Approximately up to a maximum of 6000 follicular hair devices in pleasant donor place density are insufficient to provide appropriate coverage, particularly in superior grades VI and VII of Norwood scale in androgenetic alopecia. In such instances, hair follicles from different body components such as the beard, chest, hands, and legs in hirsute people may be applied to supply additional donor delivery. For more information, go to Plastic Surgery in Turkey.

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Simultaneously, as conventional follicular unit transplant (FUT) is a suitable manner for harvesting from the scalp, it could be intricate and go away cosmetically unacceptable scaring if used for harvesting frame hairs. On the other hand, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a good deal more appropriate for harvesting body hairs, which as opposed to putting off a strip of hair-bearing skin, makes use of punches to extract the follicular devices individually.

The circular punch wounds heal with secondary intention in some days. In FUE, individual follicular gadgets from the donor web page (body or scalp) are harvested one graft at a time using circular punches. FUE includes the use of sharp or dull points of diverse diameters ranging from 0.7 to 1.3 mm. it’s miles in contrast to FUT due to the fact a linear donor strip isn’t excised, and postoperative wound healing is faster and less disturbing for sufferers.

Body Hair Characteristics

Maximum of the hair on the human frame is vellus hair, that are not used for hair recovery. The androgen-sensitive hair in the beard, trunk, axillae, and pubis develops into terminal hair with puberty; this is appropriate for body hair transplant. Between 30% and 85% of the frame, hairs are in the telogen segment. The anagen segment of frame hair is an awful lot shorter, a few months compared with numerous years for scalp hair.

Consequently, body hair grows shorter and thinner in comparison to scalp hair. It is simplest the beard hair that grows thicker in evaluation to the scalp hair. Body hair is frequently curled and put up-transplant nearly constantly curls as it extends past a specific period. With grooming and straightening, the curliness of frame hair may be decreased for a higher match with the local scalp hair. Body hair lies more superficially inside the dermis than the scalp hair.

It might be anchored at the deep reticular epidermis or subcutaneous tissue level. Frame hairs emerge from the skin surface with a more excellent acute attitude than the scalp hair. generally, body hair grows singly, at instances, follicular gadgets having one or three follicles are determined and harvested from beard and chest regions

Harvesting of frame hairs is more excellent time eating and calls for a higher degree of assessment ability with traditional FUE performed for scalp hairs. Even as yields from a body hair transplant are decreased compared to conventional scalp transplants, body hair gives a possible source of donor hair follicles in hirsute individuals for hair recovery. Beard hair is the simplest to harvest and gives excessive optical density within the transplanted location.

Body hair transplant tends to provide an inferior result compared to the traditional scalp FUE. It needs to be recommended to the patient alongside the want for shorter hairstyles or grooming for better consequences. If used judiciously, both alone or in aggregate with the scalp hair, it may produce aesthetically ideal outcomes, specifically in superior grades of alopecia with a lack of ok scalp grafts. Frame hair can also be applied for softening the hairlines and camouflage scars from previous surgical procedures or sickness procedures.

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