Want A Unique Wedding? Say “I Do” In A Shark Tank!

I have an officemate  who is getting married next year. Today we were discussing the theme, and the things she still needs to get done before her special day. Having organized a lot of events over a span of six years, I can say that it is the type of event that is detail oriented. The bride-to-be needs to write her check list to make sure that everything is order for the big day.

The main reason for the immense stress that sometimes goes along with planning a wedding is because the couple definitely wants the big day to be truly memorable. The cake has to be perfect. The wedding dress, the entourage and the theme have to be considered. Uniqueness is one quality that everyone is aiming for.

April Pignataro and Michael Curry of New York City had a unique wedding, and it was even featured in the news. The couple did not plan any coverage from the media, but they did have sea turtles and sharks on their guest list. Their pastor and the couple all wore head sets as they exchanged vows in a tank of water with sharks swimming around them freely. Don’t worry, they were inside a shark cage just to make sure they could finish their vows. Check out the video and see for yourself.