What To Consider When Choosing Cannabis Seeds

Selecting the right cannabis seeds to plant is not a walk in the park. That is because numerous varieties come in varying traits to consider. Some are dark-colored, while others are light. Others are tough, while others turn to dust when put under pressure.

Whatever the case, the cannabis seeds you choose should be vigorous and healthy. Before choosing the ideal cannabis seeds from a reliable company such as Seed Supreme, there are several factors that you need to consider. Some of these include:

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1. Plant Gender

Considering the cannabis seed’s gender may seem trivial. But this is one of the most crucial aspects to look into. That is because only female buds develop weed buds that can get smoked. If you intend to grow smoked weeds, you should consider choosing feminized seeds.

However, if you plan on growing cannabis seeds for your consumption or create your species, then the male ones may be the ideal choice. Before placing your cannabis seeds order, ensure to think about why you are buying them in the first place.

2. Seed Appearance

One of the most reliable ways of assessing the quality of cannabis seeds is by checking their appearance. Some of their traits are effortlessly noticeable, while others are not. It is crucial to note that the best cannabis seeds have a dark or grey outer shell.

They will also seem to have a wax coating on their surface. To ascertain some of these traits, you need to expose them to bright light. Those with a shiny effect are of high quality. Also, high-quality cannabis seeds feel firm in texture.

If they do not bend when squeezed between your fingers, they are worth your consideration. Before placing your order, you can request to know the traits of the cannabis seeds. Those of low quality sometimes appear whitish in appearance and may fail to germinate. They may also take so much time to grow to maturity and may not get the best yields.

When choosing the best cannabis seeds, look through the company’s website. Assess their appearance and also make sure that they advertise is what they deliver. You can ascertain this by reading their online reviews and asking trusted family members and relatives for referrals.

3. Floating Ability

If you are not sure about the kind of cannabis seeds to plant, you can conduct a floating test on them. You can perform this by filling a jar with water and putting them inside. The ones that remain on the surface and are low quality and should not get planted. However, those that sink to the bottom are an ideal choice.

When carrying out this experiment, ensure to wait for about two hours to get accurate results. Ensure that you conduct it early and plant the required seeds immediately because storing them up for several days may not give the best results.

If unsure about how your cannabis seeds will fair, you can order a few for this experiment. That might save you so much money in the long run. You don’t want to do guesswork and order the wrong cannabis seeds in bulk.

4. Flowering Time

Even though you can’t tell when the cannabis seeds will flower from the site or on their package, you can request this information online. Reach out to the company before placing your order, and ask when you should expect the seeds to flower.

If you prefer those that bloom fast, ensure to ask before you make a purchase. It is crucial to note that a less flowering period minimizes the time taken to combat issues like mold, pests, and plant diseases.

5. Price

Another factor that you need to look into is the price of cannabis seeds. It is crucial to note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to produce the best bud. High-priced cannabis seeds do not always guarantee incredible results. However, ensure that you do not get lured in purchasing cannabis seeds offered at a throw-away price.

These may fail to give you desirable results. Remember, quality is everything. And you will most likely get value for what you pay for. Keep things relatively affordable, and always aim to work within your budget. Avoid unnecessary spending when you can get quality cannabis seeds at a reasonable price.

6. Growth Difficulty

When choosing cannabis seeds, you also need to consider their growth difficulty. If you are starting, have a strain that is effortless to breed. But if you have the right experience, you can choose any type.

Remember, not all cannabis strains are similar. Some of these varieties can get attacked by fungus, while others have high mold resistance levels. Always consider a breed with a high resistance as this will make your growing experience better.

7. Potential Harvest Size

Once you grow your cannabis seeds, you may either achieve low yields or a significant harvest. For this reason, you need to factor in the potential harvest size of the same before making a purchase.

Sometimes you are not guaranteed a large harvest since so much com into play to determine this. Some of these considerations may include breeding techniques, humidity, plant health, diseases, and humidity. When you choose high-quality strains, you can be sure to receive a significant harvest.

8. Outdoor Or Indoor

If you’re growing cannabis seeds in a region where growing them is legal, you can consider a high-quality outdoor strain. Growing these seeds outdoors is effortless and more rewarding compared to having them indoors.

However, if you experience harsh or poor weather conditions in your area, you can choose to grow your cannabis strains indoors. Sometimes it can be stressful and time-consuming, but it gives you control over the growing environment.


With the numerous cannabis seeds in the market, it is crucial to know how to settle for the best strain. If you are starting, ordering a variety that is effortless to grow and tend is advised. But if you are an expert, you can try out varying strains to benefit from a high yield or output. You also need to pay attention to the gender of the seeds. And you know that every plant produced will be female, unlike purchasing normal ones.

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