This Is What An Internet Troll Looks Like (Eww…Not A Good Look)

In my opinion, there are two types of Internet trolls. First, there are the cyberbullies who abuse and attack teenagers and noob Internet users to the point where it affects their daily lives in a negative way. This is the worst kind of Internet troll, and what those people do should be illegal in my opinion. Then there are Internet trolls who are just the asshats who make it their sole purpose in life to start conflict online over completely trivial things. I used to have a lot of experience with this type of Internet troll, but now I have almost none since I’ve stopped engaging with them. After three and a half years and 2,880 blog posts here on Bit Rebels, I’ve learned they aren’t worth my time or energy.

Have you ever stopped to think about what the people behind those nasty comments look like? It’s easy to look at the comments by Internet trolls and think they are just words on the page, but they were actually typed by a human being somewhere. What do these people look like exactly? Are they sitting in a coffee shop? In their bedrooms? In a cave underground rotting in the dark? In church? When you start thinking about it, it’s enough to send your mind on a wild ride.

Obviously other people have thought about this too, and I found two charts with drawings of what the infamous Internet troll looks like. One was created by Get Satisfaction, and the other one was created by Woody Hearn. Both of these Internet troll interpretations are fabulous, and they both almost made me puke. If you are a troll spewing your negativity all over the web, you might want to reconsider your way of life. It’s not a very attractive look for anyone. I had to throw the third chart in here just for fun. It’s the Internet Troll Face chart created by deviantART user ~xXinksXx. I hope these make you smile. If you want to read more, check out The Ultimate Internet Troll’s Dickhead Rating Chart.

Interpretations Of The Classic Internet Troll

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We can all get an “Internet Troll face” when our Internet goes down.

Image Credits: [xXinksXx / deviantART] [Get Satisfaction] [Woody Hearn / GUComics]