Science: What Your Eye Color Reveals About You

Did you know that no two people have the exact same eye color? It’s true! Did you know that every person who has blue eyes comes from the same ancestor? Everyone with blue eyes has a very specific DNA difference. Many of us know that when most babies are first born, their eyes are a hazy bluish color, and then they change into whatever color will be that baby’s permanent eye color. The reason for that is because an infant has almost no melanin in his or her eyes. This changes very quickly though. There are also many things that your eye color reveals about you.

Long ago, brown eye color was considered to be the dominant one. However, now scientists know that your eye color is a multi-gene trait, not a single-gene trait. So, it’s a little more complicated than to simply say that brown eye color is dominant. It’s more of a gene combination. It is even genetically possible to have your eye color divided into two colors on your iris, or two different color irises.

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Also, did you know your eye color can change over time? Since the eyes don’t constantly produce pigment, they can become lighter or darker as time goes on. You can see all of these facts and more illustrated in this fun infographic below by Mezzmer. Since our eyes obviously tell so much about us, it will make me think twice before wearing colored contacts. Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green or gray, you can be proud knowing that your eye color truly says a lot about our ancestry. You can see some beautiful eye photography too by clicking over to You’ve Never Seen Eyes Like This Before!

Your Eye Color Reveals A Lot About You…


Via: [Best Infographics]


  • comment-avatar
    Christopher C. 8 years

    oops something happened to what I was writing…I’m kinda of a klutz on a PC…sorry…..but in case it didn’t go threw thanks again for your very nicely structured and understandable breakdown of eye color as well as so colorful and interesting. (mine are greenish-gray b.t.w.)…lol


  • comment-avatar
    Razvan 8 years

    Hey so I was wondering, about my eyes.
    Very strange eyes i’ve got, anyway i searched all over the internet and asked some people about my eyes.Nobody knows anything about this and i couldn’t really find an article over the internet that explains or even mentions my eyes colour.
    So my colors are passive it never changes.
    Some say I’ve got hazel eyes that is not true… My eyes have 3 different colours.
    Green, Brown of course because it gives the sensation that I would have hazel eyes and Blue but not so much as brown and green.
    I typed Heterochromia and I saw that Heterochromia is only with 2 colours not 3.
    So I would like to know why I’ve got this eyes and how?

    • comment-avatar
      Christy 7 years

      Mine are like this, too! I have a golden brown around my pupil, then a vibrant green and then a dark blue around the edges!

    • comment-avatar
      Bryleigh c 6 years

      I have blue gray eyes with a tiny ring of brown around it is this rare

    • comment-avatar
      Bill 4 years

      For years I was told that my eyes had 3 colors and could change. There were people where I worked who would say oh, Your Eyes are Green today. Most of the time Blue, but could be a Green or Grey. Do not change as much as I gotten older, but yeah.

  • comment-avatar
    Ashlynn 7 years

    How do u get 3 colors? That doesn’t make sense. You should ask a scientist.

    • comment-avatar
      Julia-Claire 7 years

      Yes it does. I have three different colour eyes. They are dark brown around the edges, but on the inside they are green, with a small area of blue. It all jut depends on your genes, and your diet can affect this too:)

    • comment-avatar
      zara 6 years

      if I said that I had dark blue around the edges and dark brown on inside would you believe me(you should because its true) oh and I was born with blue eyes even though I’m an African descent(black)

  • comment-avatar
    Rebecca 7 years

    I also have this 3 colors your speaking about but I don’t have blue, green and brown. I have blue and grey in 1 eye and green and grey in the other you almost can’t tell the green is actually green because its just a shade above blue, but it is still 3 colors.

    • comment-avatar
      CDKing 7 years

      Three colors here also. Blue outer rim then green and brown inside.

    • comment-avatar
      zara 6 years

      well that’s amazing if I had your eyes I’d never blink. in my case I’ve got blue on the outer rim and dark brown on the inside even though I am an African descent.

  • comment-avatar
    123 7 years

    My blue eyes can change color in a matter of days. When I am happy they get popping light blue and when I am down they are kinda grey.

  • comment-avatar
    Patricia Gibbs 7 years

    I have dark green eyes with a navy blue rim. You can tell if you have hazel eyes versus green eyes if your eyes change colour with what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a royal blue turtle neck and your eyes look royal blue, then your eyes are considered hazel.

    • comment-avatar
      Your Name 6 years

      Hazel is a blend of brown and green, not blue and green.

    • comment-avatar
      Jamie 4 years

      Not true. Blue, green and gray eyes all naturally change colors. Tgey’re Even more reflective than hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are not the only ones that change. Also, hazel is a very specific color. It’s brown by definition. True hazel is a reddish brown, mixed with gold and hints of green. At its worst, it’s a combination of brown and green. It is NOT blue and green. And, it is not just any mixture. It’s a significant brown mix, with some green. No blue.

  • comment-avatar
    Sarah .W .Mck 7 years

    I have eyes that are moldy green with a small star of brown in the center and a blue circle surrounding the green, but from a ways away it looks brown.

  • comment-avatar
    Arianna brewer 7 years

    So I have a question about my eyes so my eyes change color eveyday but my eyes always have three different colors I was wondering why that happens and all the color s my eyes have changed to are blue, green, and yellow. green, yellow, and orange . Light blue grey and white and I was wondering IfIf it is common or not and one of my eyes always is darker than other and my father’s eyes change colors from blue to green and my mom has hasel eyes but nobody in my family has eyes like me I am just wondering if alot of people have eyes like mine

    • comment-avatar
      Julia-Claire 7 years

      I don’t have eyes like yours, but I was reading an article about this earlier today. Apparently when your eyes change between brown and yellow, it means that you are having too much junk food.
      I am not in any way saying that you are eating too much unhealthy food, but that is one of the most common explanations in your case:)

  • comment-avatar
    Idetrorce 7 years

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • comment-avatar
    SuzanneG 7 years

    My eyes are also different. I have light brown eyes but with gold and green flecks that show up in the light, I understand my fathers were the same. Kinda cool, but you have to look close. :)

  • comment-avatar
    Suzanne D 6 years

    Okay.. I’ve tried to get a good answer, but the Interwebs aren’t very nice to me… Anyway, my eyes are strange.

    Well, being specific, since I do NOT want to post any eye pictures, my eyes have a blue outside, that soon edges into green as I look further towards my pupil. Then, after than green, there is a thick area for a darkish lightish amber/yellow golden glow. Then, circling around my pupil, is a dark reddish brown.
    Reminds me of a slightly cooled off rainbow. Not too bright. I was just wondering if I had that certain mutation.
    These colors are often tend to waver for visibility in certain lights. Like the amber will get brighter in schooling lights and the blue can be seen clearer, since the green is ‘pushed out’ sort of speaking.

    There are also turquoise rings that twirl into towards my pupil if seen in sunlight. Freaky, huh?

  • comment-avatar
    MadHatter 6 years

    I have pink , lavender and cream in one eye :P and the other eye is a rainbow

  • comment-avatar
    Baux 6 years

    My eyes are for the most part blue and range from blue to grey depending on the day as the pigmentation changes. However, my left eye has got a few flecks of brown in them kind of like freckles but just in the eye.

  • comment-avatar
    eleanor sampson 5 years

    I have always had a brown with a little green in the eye and a hazel eye. I am 80 now and have a very blue eye and a brown with a lot more green. My husband just died about 6 months ago. He always had very dark brown eyes until a couple of years ago when his eyes changed to a beautiful intense light blue.
    Does your eye changing have anything to do with ill health?

  • comment-avatar
    Darcy 5 years

    My eyes are a really strange golden brown that sometimes changes light or dark with a dirty green couloir as a rim going around them

  • comment-avatar
    Kaylin 5 years

    My eyes a re w eird. I have blue grey eyes with a dark blue ring around them and flecks of gold and silver around the pupil. Can anyone tell me what eyes i have?

  • comment-avatar
    Tina Tomlinson 4 years

    I read all the posts to see if anyone had eyes like mine. I have amber eyes that sometimes have a green rim around the outside and sometimes it’s gray. I’ve read a lot about eye color, but never found mention of mine. I’m sure there has to be others because I can’t imagine it’s that rare.

  • comment-avatar
    pika 4 years

    my eyes are blue green and brown but i have a purple ring around them the blue is hard to see but its there