What Your Toilet Paper Says About Your Personality

Do you put your toilet paper roll on so it rolls over or under? Earlier this year when I wrote Over Or Under: The Great Toilet Paper Dispute, I was surprised to learn that most people I know do it over, but I’ve always done it under. What’s up with that? Which way is best? Does it really matter?

I’ve always thought it was just a personal preference; however, apparently the funny people over at Dog House Diaries have a different opinion about it. According to this illustration they created, your toilet paper says a lot about your personality.

Go ahead, get up from your desk right now and walk into your bathroom. Look at your toilet paper. Then come back and find the corresponding picture in this comic. Does that describe you accurately? Since I put mine under, it says I have a skewed perception of reality. Yeah, I’d say that’s about right. I live in a dream world void of what most people would call normal, so I’d say that is true.

I’d like to add to this my own personality assessment about toilet paper which is based on nothing. I think what’s more important than the over or under is the type of toilet paper. I like soft, plush toilet paper. I’m not a big fan of toilet paper that feels like a piece of cardboard, and I’m definitely anti-chafing. If I go to someone’s house and they have the kind of toilet paper that cuts your ass, well, yeah, I make a mental note. :)

Cartoon About Bathroom Toilet Paper

Via: [Nuclear Toast] Header Image: [Forward Ever Forward]