When Should You Update To New Glasses? – Signs You Need To Watch Out For

Most people find a perfect pair of eyeglasses and want to stick with them forever. Well, forever isn’t possible, unfortunately. But just because you can see through your old pair of glasses doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change them. Especially if it’s been more than two years since you’ve bought them. But knowing when it’s time to change your eyeglasses isn’t always easy to tell.

Vision can change slowly, so if you skip your annual visit to the optometrist, you might not be aware of the severity of the situation. Don’t wait until you have a hard time seeing through the glasses. You’ll put a lot of stress on the eyes, and eventually cause more problems. So, how often should you change your eyeglasses? Optometrists recommend changing your glasses every two years. But some people might need to update theirs earlier, so it might not be wrong to visit your optometrist once in a while to check your vision.

An obvious sign that you should get new glasses is blurry vision. But not all symptoms are obvious, so it’s best to consider the following hints that might signal you need new glasses.

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When’s The Right Time To Replace Your Glasses?

Do you often experience dizziness, headaches, tears, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light exposure? These are the signals telling you that your eyes no longer function at their maximum capacity. First, have a specialist consultation – it’s the best way to receive wise advice on how to replace or get eyeglasses.

Even if you’re wearing glasses with diopters, it’s still necessary to go to the optometrist to have a regular eye check. This exam will help you determine whether there is an increase or a decrease in your eye conditions. How often should you change your eyeglasses? People generally should change their eyeglasses at two years, even if they feel like everything is ok.

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We only have two eyes! Why not protect them?

Signs You Might Need New Glasses

  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • You squint
  • You see double
  • Your glasses are damaged
  • You haven’t changed your glasses in ages

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Tips For Maintaining Your Eyeglasses

Your glasses must be clean as a teardrop if you want to have a clear vision. But sometimes, you don’t have all the accessories needed, such as solutions for cleaning lenses, and recourse to all kinds of alternatives, such as scarves, toilet paper, and so on, which are not recommended at all.

No matter what type of glasses you have (sunglasses, eyeglasses, or special glasses), you must know that they require adequate care to keep them in the best possible condition.

How To Clean Your Glasses?

Spray the solution on the lens, and gently wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. Those who wear eyeglasses know how much care is required for the lenses and the frames. Probably the most common mistake that people do is to wipe the lenses with their sleeves, or other “scratchy” materials. The recommended solutions for cleaning glasses are special sprays or oils. These degrease best the lens, keeping residuals and dust away. Another common and quite handy solution is soap and water, which also helps clean the lenses well.

There isn’t a proper time when to clean the lens – you should do it anytime you think it’s needed. But make sure you keep them cleaned, even if it means doing it more times per day. Some other things to avoid, as some people believe it’s ok to do it, but it will actually damage your eyeglasses:

  • Don’t use household products
  • Avoid entering the pool or the sea with your glasses
  • Don’t do any adjustments at home
  • Don’t keep your eyeglasses in the sun, as high temperatures might make your lenses exfoliate
  • Don’t wear your eyeglasses on your head, they’ll deform faster

For best results, make sure you keep your glasses in a special heel. By following these suggestions, you won’t have to go to the optometrist too often.

Myths About Eyeglasses You Must Avoid

Because of the evolution of technology, we tend to spend more time in front of the screens. But we’re not aware of how much harm we do to our eyes. Thus, we experience the sensation of burning eyes or blurred vision.

However, here’s a list of myths about eyeglasses you might want to avoid:

  • Eating carrots improves eyesight
  • Reading too much in low light weakens vision
  • Staying too much in the sun will lead to blindness
  • Exercises improve our vision
  • People who wear glasses will destroy their vision if they read or work for too long hours at a computer
  • Looking at a screen device will destroy the eyes – completely fake. It can cause dryness or tiredness if done with no breaks
  • Sunglasses are only for summer days
  • Children should not wear glasses
  • Dark lenses offer more protection

The eyes must be protected in order to remain healthy, but all of the above myths should not be considered, as they’re all fake. To ensure that you maintain the health of your eyes, it is strongly recommended that you do regular checkups at the optometrist. It’s best to detect a problem early, then to apply a costly treatment later to restore your vision.

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