Find Out Which TV Dad Is Most Like Your Dad [Flowchart]

It’s Father’s Day weekend here in the States, and I have a special place in my heart for all the dads in the world. My own father died several years ago (he was way too young to die), but there are many dads who are alive and well who deserve some special recognition this weekend. If you have a dad in your life, I hope you take the time to give him a big hug. I thought in honor of Father’s Day, it might be fun to check out this TV dads flowchart.

My favorite TV dad of all time is George Costanza’s father, Frank Costanza. He’s the one who came up with his own Christmas holiday called Festivus, and the one who thought he could compete with Dell by selling computers in his garage. This flowchart called Which TV Dad Is Most Like Yours by blip will help you figure out which one of these 11 TV dads is most like your own dad. If my dad were alive today, he’d be a cross between Fred Flinstone and Tim Taylor.

Whether it’s Father’s Day weekend in your country or not, we salute all the dads around the world who are out there making it happen for their children every day. You are an important part of our lives, and we learn more from you than you know. As I’ve written many times before, I don’t watch much TV, but aside from Frank Costanza, I like Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead. There’s nothing like a father who can stab a zombie right in the eyeball with a small knife just to save your life. Yup, I think he should be on this flowchart too. Which TV dad is your father most like?

Find Out Which TV Dad Is Most Like Your Dad

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Via: [Popsci]